Here are some of the AP Video-US stories we're working on for 09/13/2012


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Posted on September 13, 2012 at 2:31 PM

Here are some of the AP Video-US stories we're working on for 09/13/2012.




CIVIL WAR BATTLE OF ANTIETAM RECREATIONS - Two private groups have prepared large-scale recreations of The Civil War Battle of Antietam. The first was held last weekend near Boonsboro, MD. The second is this weekend near Sharpsburg. The battle on September 17, 1862, was the bloodiest one-day clash of the war with 23,000 soldiers reported dead, wounded or missing.




YEMEN U.S. EMBASSY ATTACK - Hundreds of protesters stormed the U.S. Embassy in Yemen's capital and burned the American flag. It's the latest in a series of attacks on American diplomatic missions in the region in an apparent response to an anti-Islam film.


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DEFENSE DEPT. GATHERING RESOURCES OUTSIDE LIBYA - The Pentagon says the Defense Department is massing resources outside Libya and has sent Marines into the country to help evacuate and protect personnel.

CLINTON: ANTI-ISLAM VIDEO 'DISGUSTING' - Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says an anti-Islam video that provoked protests in the Arab world is "disgusting and reprehensible." She calls it a cynical attempt to offend people for their religious beliefs.

US SENDING WAR SHIPS TO LIBYA - LIBYA The U.S. is deploying two warships to the Libyan coast, following the attack on a U.S. consulate that killed the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three others.

ACTRESS IN ANTI-ISLAM FILM WANTS NAME CLEARED - Actress Cindy Lee Garcia, who appeared in the controversial anti-Islam film, says she wants her name cleared. She says the filmmaker was dishonest about the content of the film.

FORMER PROFESSOR: STEVENS WANTED TO BE NEAR THE ACTION - A former professor to Ambassador Chris Stevens says the diplomat never took the cushy assignments in his foreign service career. Stevens was killed in an attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya.

OBAMA VOWS TO SEEK 'JUSTICE' IN EMBASSY ATTACK - U.S. officials say the Obama administration is investigating whether the assault on the U.S. consulate in Libya was a planned terrorist strike to mark the anniversary of 9/11, and not a spontaneous mob enraged over anti-Islamic YouTube video.

INDYK: AMBASSADOR STEVENS 'BEST AND BRIGHTEST' - Martin Indyk of the Brookings Institution said the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens is a 'big loss obviously for his family, but also for America.'

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ATTACKS: PREMEDITATED OR COINCIDENCE? - The siege of the U.S. consulate in Libya fell on the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Some say they were sparked by an anti-Muslim film that made its way on to YouTube, but others believe these were precisely calculated.

U.S. SECURITY MEASURES - The U.S. is increasing security in the region and many are asking what will the U.S. do to deter future attacks like these on American consulates.

PELOSI: WE MUST AVOID "FINANCIAL CLIFF" - House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi says Democrats are committed to staying in Washington as long as it takes to make sure the country avoids falling of the "financial cliff."

CHICAGO TEACHERS STRIKE - The teachers strike in Chicago has entered its fourth day with both sides hoping to be back in the classroom by Friday morning.

OBAMA-BIDEN CAMPAIGN - President Obama is campaigning in Colorado today and Vice President Joe Biden is attending campaign events in Wisconsin.

ROMNEY-RYAN CAMPAIGN - Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is attending a rally in Virginia. His running mate, Paul Ryan, is campaigning in Colorado.

FEDERAL RESERVE DECISION - The Federal Reserve ends a two-day meeting with expectations high for some new action to jolt the lackluster U.S. economy. Many investors hope the Federal Reserve will take the bold step of launching a third bond-buying program.




CO, AURORA SHOOTING VICTIMS WANT FUND ARBITRATOR - Family members of some of those killed or wounded in the mass shooting at a suburban Denver movie theater want Colorado's lawmakers to use their influence to move a $5 million victims' fund out of the hands of a private group.

NM, RAW VIDEO: MISSILE CONTRAIL LIGHTS UP SKY - People across the Southwest got an early morning show in the sky, courtesy of missiles fired from New Mexico that left a brilliant white contrail on Thursday. The twisting cloud-like formation was visible in Phoenix and Las Vegas.

FL, DRUM MAJOR'S PARENTS SLAM FAMU RESPONSE TO SUIT - Florida A&M University's insistence that it is not to blame for drum major Robert Champion's death during a hazing ritual shows school officials are not taking responsibility for the safety of students, the band member's parents say.

NY, SODA BAN GOES TO VOTE - One of New York City's most ambitious efforts to prod residents to live healthier has been approved by the city's Board of Health. It bars sales of sugar-heavy drinks in more than 16-ounce cups or bottles in restaurants, movie theaters and some other settings.

DC, ARMSTRONG MEMORIAL - NASA Administrator Charles Bolden and other dignitaries attended a public memorial service at the Washington National Cathedral to honor the life and career of astronaut Neil Armstrong.

NY, NINTENDO UNVEILS NEW WII CONSOLE - Nintendo is expected to reveal its new Wii U console in a press event in New York. It is the first new game console to be released in several years and it's expected to hit the shelves in time for the busy Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday periods.

PA, ALI TO RECEIVE LIBERTY MEDAL - Muhammad Ali is being presented the Liberty Medal in Philadelphia. Ali is described by the National Constitution Center as a 'champion of freedom.'

NY, NYC SUBWAY RIDER ON SLASHING: 'I SAW BLOOD' - New York authorities say a suspect is in custody after several people were slashed in a Queens subway station. The fire department says one person suffered serious but non-life-threatening injuries. The others had minor injuries.

PA, PHILADELPHIA KICKS OFF CAMPAIGN FOR FRAZIER STATUE - The late boxing great Joe Frazier may get a statue in his hometown of Philadelphia. Mayor Michael Nutter joined members of Frazier's family to announce a fundraising campaign for the sculpture.

DC, GOODELL: 'HEAD INJURIES ARE SERIOUS' - After a meeting on Capitol Hill to discuss brain injuries, Roger Goodell said the U.S. Military, the Congressional Brain Injury Task Force and the NFL want to 'make it's safer for not only troops but for sports in general and society in general.'

MI, SIX OFFICERS CLEARED IN FATAL SHOOTING - Six Saginaw, Michigan police officers will not face charges for fatally shooting a mentally ill homeless man on July 1.




YEMEN LEADER APOLOGIZES TO US FOR EMBASSY ATTACK - Yemen's president has apologized to President Barack Obama for the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Sanaa, the Yemeni capital, by a mob angry over an anti-Islam film.

MIDDLE EAST PROTESTS AGAINST THE U.S. AND ISRAEL - Hundreds of people in the Middle East have taken to the streets protesting against an anti-Islam film produced in the U.S. that has sparked protests across the Arab world. Protesters chanted slogans denouncing Israel and the U.S. and burned a U.S. flag. Protests that started in Egypt have now spread to Yemen, Iraq and Iran.

GERMAN U.S. CONSULATE EVACUATED - The consulate of the U.S. Embassy in Berlin was evacuated as a precaution after an employee reported a strange smell from an envelope. Special units wearing gas masks were deployed at the scene to examine the site and a large deployment of police and firefighters could be seen at the consulate.

CHINESE VICE PRESIDENT - New rumors about health problems facing China's leader-in-waiting Xi Jinping spread as the government continued to stonewall on commenting on his condition or whereabouts 12 days after he dropped from sight.

SYRIA - The new international envoy to Syria has just arrived in Damascus. Lakhdar Brahimi is making his first trip to the country since taking up his post as the U.N.-Arab League envoy. He replaces Kofi Annan, who left the job in frustration in August after his efforts failed to stem the country's civil war.

MEXICO CARTEL - Mexican marines detained a man believed to be the leader of the Gulf drug cartel in the northern state of Tamaulipas, across the border from Texas.




COVINGTON TALKS NEW MUSIC - Former 'American Idol' contestant Bucky Covington talks about 'Idol', music and being an adrenaline junkie.

GERE AND SARANDON ATTEND 'ARBITRAGE' PREMIERE - Richard Gere, Susan Sarandon and Laetitia Casta attend the premiere of their new film 'Arbitrage.'

JOVOVICH PREMIERES LATEST 'RESIDENT EVIL' - Milla Jovovich and husband, director Paul W.S. Anderson, talk about their latest sci-fi film in 3D 'Resident Evil Retribution.'

JOLIE VISITS REFUGEE CAMP IN TURKEY - UNHCR special envoy Angelina Jolie visits a Syrian refugee camp on the border of Turkey.




CHINA CHE GUEVARA EXHIBIT - Che Guevara is known for his revolutionary politics and trademark cigar - but he's less well-known as a photographer. Now an exhibition in Beijing is showing nearly 240 of his snaps and self-portraits taken from 1940-1967. The exhibition is hoping to introduce a new and younger Chinese audience to Che, but also to examine the historical context of many of his photographs.

TURTLES RELEASED IN EL SALVADOR - Conservation programs across El Salvador are trying to stop the loss of the critically endangered Olive Ridley turtle population that inhabits the country's vast coastline. For decades, the turtle eggs have been a ticket for survival of Salvadorans who sell them for a living, despite a nation-wide ban. But with populations quickly depleting, conservation efforts have turned to the egg vendors themselves, offering them cash for the eggs.

REVIVAL OF ANCIENT BEDOUIN MEDICINES IN EGYPT - Drought, overuse and the growing number of wild donkeys have destroyed parts of Sinai and Egypt's Bedouin territory, but a new initiative is reviving a local cottage industry in medicinal plants. With the assistance of Bedouin knowledge of locally grown medicinal treatments, St. Katherine is again becoming one of Egypt's more fertile areas, allowing the lucrative and sustainable business to grow and traditional Bedouin culture to thrive.

AUSTRALIA ENDANGERED SPECIES - Endangered species of the cute and cuddly variety are raising awareness about conservation in Australia. People in downtown Sydney recently had the chance to pet a selection of animals and learn about the importance of protecting species.


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