2 men accused of plotting to bomb NYC synagogue


Associated Press

Posted on May 13, 2011 at 1:04 AM

Updated Friday, May 13 at 5:00 AM

NEW YORK (AP) — The attorneys for two New York men charged Thursday under a rarely used state law with plotting to bomb a synagogue and possibly the Empire State building say their clients are not guilty.

The case against 26-year-old Ahmed Ferhani, an Algerian, and 20-year-old Mohamed Mamdouh, a U.S. citizen of Moroccan descent, was orchestrated as part of a sting operation.

Ferhani's lawyer says his client has told him that "he hasn't committed any crime at all." Mamdouh's lawyer says his client is also proclaiming his innocence.

Ferhani's father told The New York Times that the accusations are unbelievable. He says his son is friends with a diverse group of people, and his girlfriend is Christian. The father told the Times, "All people are equal. We don't make a distinction."

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Steven Fusfeld (FUHS'-fehld), attorney for terrorism suspect Mohamed Mamdouh (MAM'-doo)

Attorney Steven Fusfeld, who's representing terrorism suspect Mohamed Mamdouh, says his client wasn't involved in any bombing plots. ((note audio quality from courtroom))

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Warren Levinson, AP correspondent

Two men face life in prison after being nabbed in an alleged plot to attack synagogues in New York. AP correspondent Warren Levinson reports.

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Stephen Pokart, attorney for terrorism suspect Ahmed Ferhani (fur-HAH'-nee)

Attorney Steven Pokart, who's representing terrorism suspect Ahmed Ferhani, says his client denies the charges. ((note audio quality from courtroom))