Cooking tips for men

Cooking tips for men

Cooking tips for men




Posted on July 21, 2011 at 7:52 AM


This is a story for all you guys out there who think maybe you'd like to be a better cook. But where do you start?

We "grilled" an expert to "cook" up some answers for you.

More and more men are stepping into the kitchen these days. Some know what they're doing. Others don't.

So how do you learn the cooking basics? One way is to take a class like the one taught by chef Chris Brill called 'the man class'. For many men cooking on a bar-b-q is a great place to start.

"If you overwork the meat you'll get a more dense, drier product," Chef Chris Brill said.

When hand forming hamburgers add seasoning like pepper and garlic powder to the meat. But don't get carried away kneading them into the burger.

"That great if you're making a meat loaf or meat ball where you want it to stick together. But if you want a tender and juicy burger just gently massage the seasoning into the meat then form your patty," Chef Chris Brill said.

When you put steaks on the grill, cooking time depends on the thickness of the cut.

"Thicker the steak the lower the heat you want on your grill," Chef Chris Brill said.

Like chicken, a thick steak should be cooked over an in-direct heat.

"Push your coals to the side, turn the middle burner off and leave the other two on. Put the lid down so it creates almost an oven effect so it slowly cooks that thick piece of meat," Chef Chris Brill said.

One of the most common mistakes people make with their steak? Over cooking it. Steak should be medium high, chicken, medium to medium low. and pork and ribs, you want to do slowly. In fact many chefs say you should boil or steam your ribs before you put them on the grill.

The 'man class' also teaches how to cook chili.

"You cook the beans separate and the meat separate and marry them together toward the end so each one is cooked to their proper degree," Chef Chris Brill said.

Chef brill says the key to getting better in the kitchen is practice. Cook what you like and hopefully you will like what you cook.

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