Warhawk Air Museum gearing up to expand

Warhawk Air Museum gearing up to expand.

NAMPA -- The Warhawk Air Museum is dedicated to preserving our country's military past for generations. Soon, the museum will be expanding their timeline into the modern age, and a pivotal moment in history that changed America forever.

You could spend hours inside the museum as it takes you on a journey from World War I through the Cold War era, using memorabilia and airplanes to share history.

With a new wing dedicated to September 11 and those who have served in the Middle East, you will be able to step into an era of war that's still going on.

"That has to be a part of the Warhawk Air Museum," Executive Director Sue Paul said. "When 9/11 happened, the incredible wave of patriotism that this country felt has never been felt since World War II."

The day after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, museum volunteers made a banner for people to remember 9/11 - a cathartic release during a tragic time.

"We put it out on a giant table and we just left it there for six weeks and people came in and just signed it," Paul said. "In two months you won't believe the signatures. You know, their hearts were broken, and the fear for our country - and then it just faded. Well I  don't want it to fade."

In order to preserve our past, the Warhawk Air Museum will convey history about September 11 and the Middle East through the voices of the men and women who lived it, which is the mission of the entire museum.

"It's just so emotional because you really do learn the truth from the people who were there," Paul added.

Their vision: You will walk from the World War I/World War II era to the Cold War/Korea/Vietnam era, and into the most recent chapter of history.

There is a case with belongings from a Gulf War veteran, and families who's loved ones sacrificed their lives in Afghanistan have been reaching out.

"People have already started donating. They want to see this happen, and it will happen. There's no doubt it will. We're just not sure what it is going to look like," Paul told KTVB.

Paul says they have to look at logistics so they don't have a hard date on when they are going to start expanding or if it will be attached or detached from the museum. Paul says it will be built out behind the airport.

"It is going to be expensive and so we're going to need community support, community help."

The same help and support that Warhawk Air Museum has received over the last 27 years.

"Thousands and thousands of private collections [have] been donated. That's what the museum is about," Paul added. "I want it to be a constant reminder of how great this country is."

To give an estimate on expansion amounts, Paul tells KTVB the Cold War wing cost about $800,000 to build.

The museum hasn't started a capital campaign fund for this Middle East expansion yet, but they have a designated fund set up because people are already reaching out.

To find out how you can donate, visit the Warhawk Air Museum website.

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