Snake River Canyon jump may happen this weekend

Stuntman Eddie Braun says the jump is a go.

Jumping the Snake River Canyon has been talked about for decades.

Daredevil Evel Knievel fell short during his famous attempt on Sept. 8, 1974 to launch his Skycycle across a 1,600-foot section of the canyon.

Now, a group is looking to succeed where Knievel failed. And it could happen this weekend.

At a press conference today, Hollywood stuntman Eddie Braun said they are planning to launch this weekend, but it all depends on the weather. If conditions are too windy, they can’t launch.

Braun says they will begin prepping for the launch on Friday, but it might not happen until Sunday.

We are told that it takes the rocket about four hours to build up enough steam for the launch. And once it has built up enough pressure, they have 30 minutes to push the button for the launch.

Braun plans to jump over a quarter mile using a steam-powered rocket that will go from. zero to over 430 miles per hour in less than 4 seconds. It will also reach altitudes of anywhere from 2,000 to 3,000 feet.

The jump is not open to the public because the launch pad and landing site are located on private property.

We asked Braun why there hasn’t been a lot of promotion for this jump. Braun and his crew spent three-and-a-half years working to secure rights to the jump, and then have it all fall through, they just got to the point where they wanted to fulfill of lifelong goal.

"Evel Knievel inspired me, professionally,” said Braun. “After 30 some years, my career I would say is ending, and what a more fitting way for me personally to pay homage to the gentleman that inspired me to be everything that I am. I get a chance on that day to fulfill the dream of my hero.”

Braun said when Knievel’s attempt to jump the Snake River failed it left somewhat of a bad taste in the community, which is something they don’t want to happen this time around. They want to leave town they exact same way they found it.

Local authorities are already taking steps to ensure the public’s safety this weekend.

The Jerome County sheriff told us there will be signs up along Highway 50, near where the jump is taking place, urging people not to park along the road. He also said that there will be extra patrols by his deputies and Idaho State Police.

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