Buhl woman competes in national Miss Amazing pageant

7's Hero: Buhl woman inspires others

BOISE - Brandi Hosman of Buhl has overcome so much in her young life. She has survived two horrific car accidents, two comas, and she had to relearn everything after a severe brain injury.

This past spring, she was crowned 2015 Senior Miss at the Idaho Miss Amazing pageant. It's a pageant that celebrates girls and women with disabilities. And last week, she competed in the national pageant in Los Angeles with the other title holders from Idaho.

The path to Los Angeles has been a long one for the 29-year-old, who was severely injured in a crash back in June 2002. She was just 16 years old and was behind the wheel.

"There was a truck pulling a horse trailer behind me and hit me," she said. "My memory goes blank after that."

It was a parent's worst nightmare.

"We got a phone call," recalled Brandi's mom, Farah Hosman. "This friend said 'it's actually pretty bad, you need to come quick.'"

Brandi was airlifted to a Boise hospital.

"Her coma score was so low, they gave her a five-percent chance of survival," said Farah, who refused to give up on her daughter. "Finally, I had to get the mother bear in me to come out. I just felt like I needed to treat her like she was going to live because nobody else was."

With a lot of therapy and her family's love, Brandi started coming back.

"I had a very good attitude I guess," she said. "Because I knew early on that I would regain all of what I had lost. I had a lot of help from on high as well, you know? So I am so grateful."

Unbelievably, four years later, Brandi was in yet another car accident that put her into a coma for about a month. Her family was devastated.

"I have had the darkest of days, the darkest," Brandi said. "I literally have wondered why did you save me Lord, I really don't want to be here."

But through it all, Brandi learned to persevere.

This spring, she competed in the Idaho Miss Amazing Pageant as platform to share her story, and she won the title of Senior Miss.

"She was just thrilled to be a part of it," said Farah. "I remember looking at her face when she realized she was the last one, that she had won the title. It's such a dream come true for her."

Brandi knows she is not alone in her fight to overcome adversity.

"It is so special because I know that there are many other girls out there who have gone through terrible terrible things, and have come through them," she said. "I am grateful because I can be that spokesperson for them."

Last week, she traveled to Los Angeles with her mom, and competed in the national Miss Amazing pageant. She didn't win, but she felt like she did.

"It's just one of the highlights of her life, it's something she'll never forget," said Farah.

An incredible experience, and a chance to inspire even more women.

"I want to show them they are beautiful, and they are whoever they want to be," Brandi said. "Teach them to stand up, to speak out and to be heard."


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