Nearly $1 million owed to City of Boise in unpaid parking tickets

Nearly $1M owed to Boise in unpaid tickets.

BOISE -- Unfortunately, a lot of us have been there. Parking tickets usually aren't very expensive, but when you don't pay them, that's when they add up.

The City of Boise tells us people owe them close to $1 million in unpaid parking tickets. 

When parking enforcement officers find a meter is expired, they'll run your information and give you a ticket. But the consequences after that vary depending on the amount of unpaid tickets you have.

KTVB found out that after several years, the city has to write off all the outstanding fines. Coming back to your car to find a slip of paper on your windshield can make anyone mad.

"If I move my car once or twice a day I'm usually OK, but I end up getting about one ticket a week," one man who works downtown, Kelly Honeycutt, said.

According to Boise city records, from Oct. 1, 2009, to today, there are currently 47,484 unpaid parking tickets. That adds up to more than $953,000 the City of Boise is owed.

Records show someone owes as much as $690 to the city in parking debts.

"They need to follow up on it," Monty Moore, a Boise resident, said.

But the city says the majority of those unpaid tickets are one-time violators.

"We don't have an active pursuit of anyone with parking tickets," City of Boise Spokesperson Mike Journee told KTVB.

There is only so much the city says they can do since they can't track everyone down and don't have leverage, such as the ability to impact someone's driving privileges.

If you pay the parking ticket within the time allotted, you won't face repercussions. However, Journee says if you go over a certain amount of tickets and haven't paid them, you run the risk of a bill being sent to collections and impacting your credit - or worse.

"You run the risk of being towed," Journee added.

Therefore, you would be a hefty towing fee and the outstanding parking fines.

Boise parking policy says that a vehicle can be towed when it is confirmed that the registered owner has an outstanding amount of unpaid fines for 30 days and total at least $200, or that person has five or more tickets.

To avoid that situation, you may still be inconvenienced, which is a growing problem as Boise continues to grow.

"You either have to park way out of downtown and find free parking in residential areas - which is about a mile walk into downtown - or you have to park in the parking garages," Honeycutt said.

The City of Boise moved to integrated parking across downtown to help alleviate problems and concerns.

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They told KTVB that data shows month after month, violations have gone down as a result of their new app, "Parkmobile." It allows you to find an open space or add money to the meter from your phone conveniently.

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