Loose bull elk 'stressed' by attempted selfies caught in Garden City

BOISE -- A bull elk is back in the wild after a wild night in Garden City.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game says someone called police to report seeing an elk in a vacant lot at 42nd and Adams Street.

The responding officer called Fish and Game. A conservation officer found the elk, which appeared to be stressed. Fish and Game says people were getting too close and trying to take "selfies" with the animal.

Because of the stress, the elk ran off through the neighborhood including Veteran's Parkway.

"When people get this close to a wild animal, the stress not only creates potential harm to the animal and to the public," Fish and Game Conservation Officer Bill London said. "The increased adrenaline can also make it difficult to tranquilize an animal."

Police say they were able to keep people, cars, and dogs at a distance until the elk returned to the lot to feed.

When the elk bedded down, a Fish and Game veterinarian tranquilized the elk. Garden City Police and Fish and Game employees loaded the elk into a horse trailer and took it to an area north of Horseshoe Bend where it was released unharmed.


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