113 Idaho schools awarded fruit and veggie grants

BOISE - More than 100 Idaho elementary schools were awarded millions of dollars in Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program grants from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, announced State Superintendent of Public Instruction Sherri Ybarra.

The program provides kids in participating schools with a variety of free, fresh fruits and vegetables during the school day.

Schools with the highest free-and-reduced lunch student enrollment are given priority for the program.

They are also encouraged to find sources for locally grown produce and to feature lessons on where and how they are grown, harvested and brought to market.

The following is a list of schools that have been awarded a Fresh Fruits and Vegetable grant:

School District  School Name         Award Amount
American Falls  Hillcrest Elementary     $24,434.17
American Falls  The Intermediate     $11,934.16
American Falls  William Thomas Middle    $6,172.84
Blackfoot   Donald D. Stalker Elementary  $14,557.62
Blackfoot    Fort Hall Elementary      $6,378.60
Blackfoot    I. T. Stoddard Elementary   $21,759.27
Blackfoot   Ridge Crest Elementary     $21,090.54
Bliss     Bliss School              $4,063.79
Boise    Garfield Elementary  $20,781.90
Boise   Grace Jordan Elementary   $26,286.02
Boise   Hawthorne Elementary      $17,952.68
Boise   Hillcrest Elementary       $19,598.77
Boise   Horizon Elementary       $34,413.60
Boise   Jefferson Elementary    $15,174.90
Boise   Koelsch Elementary      $21,347.75
Boise   Lowell Elementary       $20,370.38
Boise   Morley Nelson Elementary   $28,086.43
Boise   Mountain View Elementary   $19,135.81
Boise   Owyhee Elementary            $13,683.13
Boise   Valley View Elementary      $23,302.48
Boise   Whitney Elementary           $31,224.29
Boise   Whittier Elementary           $27,211.95
Boise   William Howard Taft Elementary    $20,216.06
Bonneville Joint    Falls Valley Elementary   $29,115.24
Boundary County  Naples Elementary         $5,709.88
Boundary County  Valley View Elementary   $21,502.07
Bruneau/Grand    View Grand View Elementary   $4,886.83
Buhl           Popplewell Elementary $33,436.23
Caldwell   Jefferson Middle              $12,088.48
Caldwell    Lewis & Clark              $23,045.28
Caldwell    Lincoln Elementary     $21,707.83
Caldwell    Sacajawea Elementary  $26,388.90
Caldwell    Syringa Middle           $13,888.89
Caldwell    Van Buren Elementary  $34,567.92
Caldwell    Washington Elementary  $29,783.96
Caldwell     Wilson Elementary    $30,607.01
Cassia County  Dworshak Elementary   $29,372.44
Cassia County  Raft River Elementary   $9,927.99
Coeur d'Alene   Borah Elementary        $16,409.47
Coeur d'Alene   Winton Elementary       $23,353.92
Coeur d'Alene   Tribal School Coeur d'Alene Tribal School   $5,452.68
Culdesac           Culdesac School                  $2,417.70
Dietrich              Dietrich                          $6,275.72
Glenns Ferry Joint     Glenns Ferry Elementary    $11,214.00
Glenns Ferry Joint     Glenns Ferry Middle            $1,646.09
Gooding Joint            Gooding Elementary            $27,057.63
Hansen                     Hansen Elementary              $10,699.59
Heritage Academy    Heritage Academy              $6,430.04
Homedale                 Homedale Elementary       $23,559.68
Homedale                 Homedale Middle            $9,465.02
Idaho Falls        AH Bush Elementary              $22,119.35
Idaho Falls        Dora Erickson Elementary     $22,479.43
Idaho Falls        Ethel Boyes Elementary         $21,656.39
Idaho Falls        Foxhollow Elementary            $22,788.08
Idaho Falls        Hawthorne Elementary           $22,376.55
Idaho Falls        Linden Park Elementary         $23,868.32
Idaho School for the Deaf & Blind    Idaho School for the Deaf & Blind    $2,572.02
Jefferson Joint    Harwood Elementary     $16,666.67
Jefferson Joint       Roberts Elementary    $8,024.69
Jerome                   Horizon Elementary     $36,265.45
Jerome                 Jefferson Elementary   $31,018.53
Jerome                 Summit Elementary    $33,076.15
Kamiah Joint        Kamiah Elementary    $6,995.89
Kamiah Joint        Kamiah Middle           $5,607.00
Kellogg Joint       Pinehurst Elementary     $23,045.28
Kootenai Joint     Harrison Elementary      $2,726.34
Lakeland            John Brown Elementary   $17,901.24
Lakeland            Spirit Lake Elementary    $17,746.92
Lapwai                Lapwai Elementary        $13,734.57
Lapwai                Lapwai Middle                $2,057.61
Marsh Valley       Downey Elementary     $5,967.08
Marsing               Marsing Elementary    $18,878.61
Meadows Valley  Meadows Valley Elementary   $4,578.19
Minidoka County  East Minico Middle                 $8,281.90
Minidoka County  Heyburn Elementary             $28,034.99
Minidoka County  Rupert Elementary               $32,253.10
Minidoka County  West Minico Middle             $7,613.17
Mountain View    Clearwater Valley Elementary   $9,156.38
Nampa               Centennial Elementary         $26,388.90
Nampa               Central Elementary              $18,518.53
Nampa               Endeavor Elementary              $25,977.38
Nampa              Greenhurst Elementary          $15,946.51
Nampa              Iowa Elementary                  $24,434.17
Nampa            Nampa Early Childhood      $6,944.45
Nampa           New Horizons Elementary   $20,987.66
Nampa           Park Ridge Elementary      $18,209.88
Nampa           Sherman Elementary         $24,588.49
Nampa            Snake River Elementary    $24,537.05
Nampa           Willow Creek Elementary     $32,047.34
Orofino           Timberline Elementary         $5,504.12
Parma         Maxine Johnson Elementary   $21,604.95
Payette        Payette Primary                    $26,183.14
Payette        Westside Elementary           $12,654.33
Plummer/Worley  Joint     Lakeside Elementary     $9,207.82
Pocatello/Chubbuck     Jefferson Elementary     $19,135.81
Pocatello/Chubbuck   Tendoy Elementary         $14,197.54
Salmon River Joint    Riggins Elementary         $2,520.58
Shoshone    Shoshone Elementary               $12,397.12
Twin Falls   Bickel Elementary             $14,043.22
Twin Falls   Harrison Elementary          $23,868.32
Twin Falls   I.B. Perrine Elementary      $29,166.68
Twin Falls Lincoln Elementary          $25,720.18
Twin Falls Morningside Elementary  $27,520.59
Twin Falls Oregon Trail Elementary  $30,452.69
Vallivue Desert Springs Elementary $38,220.18
Vallivue East Canyon Elementary $35,082.32
Vallivue Lakevue Elementary            $36,265.45
Vallivue West Canyon Elementary       $34,207.83
Wendell Wendell Elementary            $23,714.00
West Ada Meridian Elementary School   $21,553.51
West Ada Ustick Elementary            $23,148.16
West Jefferson     Terreton Elementary           $13,323.05
Wilder              Wilder Elementary School        $12,294.24


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