Idaho fans cheer on USA team in World Cup

BOISE -- People across the world were glued to their screens, on Thursday as they cheered on the U.S. Mens soccer team in their World Cup game.

Their last game on Sunday against Portugal was the highest rated U.S. soccer match ever, however the team lost 1-0 against Germany Thursday, but still advanced in the tournament.

Here in the Treasure Valley, fans crowded in to bars and restaurants, some even skipped work.

Jess Humphreys said he planned in advance to be off of work to watch the match at Buffalo Wild Wings.

I took the whole day off months ago for all group play, didn't want to mess with scheduling conflicts, said Humphreys.

Others just skipped out.

My office I left, I've been working hard the whole time, said Scott Whipple.

And many just used the excuse sent out on social media, that was signed by the U.S. coach himself, Jergen Klinsmann.

I think it's great, it's funny, it's an excuse, I think people should be watching, get out, watch the game, go back to work, said Nina Banducci.

But for others, like Justin Nyquist, an excuse wasn't needed.

It's obviously a very big deal, and everything is on the line, said Nyquist.

Since some companies, like Red Sky Public Relations and Balihoo, both located downtown, encouraged their employees to watch at work.

We have these great TVs here, so we can watch while we work and still get some stuff accomplished while others might take half a day fully away from work, said Nyquist.

Whether at work or away, it was clear many fans in Idaho were excited about game.

I thought I was going to die, fall off my chair a couple times, but U.S. played pretty good, they could have played better, but it was really fun to watch, said Theresa Niland.

Many are also glad more soccer fans are involved in the USA's push to win the World Cup.

Very exciting. It's good that crowds are really gathering to support the nation, and cheer on the soccer game, and I'm happy the world cup is getting a lot more attention, said Alex Deanda.

The U.S. is now in what's called the knockout round, so if they lose, they're out.

There are now 16 teams left and USA plays again on Tuesday against Belgium at 2 p.m.


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