Eagle teacher makes prom special for her students

EAGLE -- Remember going to your senior prom?

It's a rite of passage, but not every student gets that chance.

A special education teacher at Eagle High School is making sure her students do.

Krista Brown is young and dedicated.

I've loved it ever since I jumped into it, she said. Their personalities really are key, they are so sweet and so fun and everything is fun to do with them.

Brown wanted to make sure her students had the prom experience. She said she was determined to make it happen for them.

I had a student who told me almost every day she saw me, 'we're going to prom!' she said. I knew they were excited.

When prom night arrived, Brown went all out for her students. She set up a salon at Eagle High School with volunteers from our community.

We used my classroom, Brown said. We had a station for makeup, a station for nails, and a station for hair. Hawkes Motors donated cars to us. Hopes Blooms donated flowers to us.

The teens loved every minute of it, and there was even more to look forward to. Two of these special education students had a shot at prom king and queen. TJ Lewis and Keely Burns were nominated.

We were excited but hesitant because we didn't know how the school was going to respond to two special needs students being nominated, but the student body responded amazing, Brown saod.

It was a huge night for Keely and TJ.

I can't believe I was nominated, Keely said.

Happy, he was so happy, Brown said of T.J.

As they say, just being nominated was enough. But that night - magic happened. Keely and TJ won!

Oh God! Pure excitement, I had the camera, they were snapping pics and chanting the kids names, Brown said. They clapped, they chanted TJ, TJ, TJ!

Keely was overwhelmed with joy.

I didn't know what to say at the time, they were clapping, she said

We couldn't have asked for a better class to welcome TJ and Keely when they were crowned as prom king and queen, Brown said. They really made it a special moment for them.

Eagle High students made it a night to remember, showing big time love for these special kids.

Yes, he definitely will always remember that, Brown said of T.J. It meant a lot.

What also means a lot is Krista's effort to make prom a reality for her students.

She says she'll keep doing it.

Definitely, definitely.

Krista Brown - an amazing teacher, and a 7's HERO.


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