Boise family at center of deadly Arizona Walmart brawl

Idaho family involved in fatal Walmart brawl

BOISE -- Seven members of a Boise family that were camping at an Arizona Walmart parking lot are at the center of a deadly Saturday brawl.

Arizona Department of Public Safety spokesman Bart Graves said Cottonwood Police Sgt. Jeremy Daniels, 31, a 10-year-veteran, should make a full recovery from shotgun injuries and is expected to be released soon from the Flagstaff Medical Center.

However, the Cottowood Police Department tells KTVB that Enoch Gaver died from a shotgun wound and his brother David Gaver was shot in the stomach.

When police arrived, the Idaho family members "immediately attacked the responding officers,'' Graves said.

David Gaver has since been released from the hospital and placed in custody with six other family members including his father Peter Gaver.

However, those who have seen and talked with the Gaver family of Boise, said news of this recent incident shocked them. The family has a music singing group called "Matthew 24 Now" and nearby businesses reported the family using their electrical plugs to get WiFi.

"Peter and his sons were -- like I say -- kind people. Very kind," said Trevor Hitchin.

Hitchin saw the family playing their music and asking for donations many times outside the Albertsons store on 16th and State streets, and that is where KTVB spoke with Hitchin about the family.

He had many conversations with family members.

"I met Peter here at Albertsons and his sons, and as I told you -- I thought them to be some of the nicest people I have ever met. Peaceful, God loving. They wanted to be a part of the community," said Hitchin.

Even those working at nearby stores, saw the family to be friendly.

"They kept to themselves a lot," said Keliegh Finch, manager of the nearby liquor store. "They seemed friendly, they would come in and ask for boxes sometimes. They were nice."

Investigators said after a woman reported that she was assaulted by the Gaver family inside the Walmart women's bathroom, the incident escalated outside in the parking lot. Three shots were fired and eight responding officers were injured.

"It was a big brawl, it was a fight a physical fight with fists and throw downs if you will," Graves said.

But days after the shooting, the Walmart is open and back to business as usual. Still, some in Boise are shocked to hear about it.

"It's surprising I can't see them doing anything like that but maybe they are misunderstood or something," said Finch.

"I don't believe they were violent at all, in fact, it came as quite a shock to read that," said Hitchin.

They face charges of hindering prosecution and resisting arrest after the brawl.

The family was seen living in an RV in Boise, but police in Arizona said the family had been living in a Chevrolet Suburban parked in the Walmart parking lot for a couple of days. Police had some minor dealings with family members previously.


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