Boise duo gets a chance at HGTV series

Boise duo's HGTV pilot premieres May 21.

BOISE - You may have heard about or seen Timber + Love Realty signs around Boise, but at the end of the month it'll be known nationwide. Two Boise residents were offered the opportunity of a lifetime: a chance at an HGTV series.

Clint Robertson and Luke Caldwell are calling their style "Idaho-Mod" - Idaho warmth mixed with modern touches. 

"You can tell just by looking at us that we've got some differences from style to personality," said Robertson.

Caldwell grew up in Boise and was a musician before trying his hand at buying, renovating and selling houses.

"I fully own up to a Boise native, I absolutely love Boise," said Caldwell.

Together, the duo searches for a diamond in the rough, a home with a story, which is no easy task because homes are getting harder and harder to find. 

"You really make your money on the buy and it's hard to buy in Boise because it's blowing up," Caldwell said.

That doesn't stop them. Once they find a home, they get to work.

"Our favorite part of the process is getting in there with sledgehammers and tearing stuff up," Robertson said.

Their paths to Timber + Love, which is only a couple of years old, are very different. For Clint, this is all second nature because he grew up in the real estate world. 

"I always loved seeing how things worked and how you could put them together and you could make a cool structure," Robertson said.

For Caldwell, this process was a way to fund his family's dream to adopt. 

"We ended up buying a house, fixing it up, and selling it and we were able to get that little boy and bring him home," said Caldwell. "We've adopted four kids since."

Together, they call themselves an odd couple. 

"We're like Bert and Ernie, and you can guess who's who," Robertson said.

They have different strengths and styles.

"Luke is always looking from the creative end I'm looking at it from the practical and money end of it," Robertson said. 

Overall, they both have the same end goal. It's to restore the history of a home and bring joy to families.

"The expression is always the same, it's just one of wow!" Robertson said.

The pilot episode airs on HGTV on May 21. If all goes well, we could be seeing a lot more of the Boise Boys. 

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