Body Renew employees say company owes them money

BOISE – Even after closing its doors earlier this month Body Renew Fitness continues to have problems. Two former employees say their second to last paychecks were returned and now they're left to pay the fees of a bad check.

On the night of July 9th, Body Renew's owner Dakota Routh closed the company, telling KTVB on the 10th that the company was no longer viable.

That left upwards of 60 employees without a job and thousands of people out of a gym membership.

Now, two former employees

"It was my first job and it was good to be in a different environment than most people my age, so it was cool to just have something different," said 17-year-old Kaylie Hart.who worked at the Body Renew off Chinden Boulevard say the company owes them hundreds of dollars.

For nearly two years, Kaylie worked for Body Renew Fitness. She found out the company was closing just hours before it happened.

At that point she still hadn't cashed her check from the week before. That had her worried.

"Then I got the news that we we

re closing down so I went and cashed it a day later and then I got a letter in the mail a week later saying it didn't go through," said Kaylie.

That letter came from Moneytree. It said she owes them the amount of her check, $380 plus $20 for a returned check fee.

"It's hard not having a job, not...being able to find one is also very hard too, especially it's summer tim

e, school is about to start," said Kaylie. "It's frustrating. That's the biggest thing."

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While with us she called some of her friends to see if they too were out money.

Sure enough Michaela Bitter was in the same boat as Kaylie. She lost $130 when her bank wouldn't cash her secon

d to last check.

"It wasn't like a ton, but for me it was like my first job and it was like my second paycheck, so I was really excited about it," said Michaela.

Kaylie recently cashed her last check, while Michaela is holding off. Neither is optimistic they'll get their money.

"If those two bounce then I didn't get half of the money that I even worked for," said Michaela. "I worked pretty hard for that money. I went in and did all that I was supposed to do and they won't give me my money, which makes me angry."

Now the girls want answers and their money.

"I'm 17, so it's not like something that a teenager would have to go through. It just happens out of nowhere and you don't know what to do besides tell your parents and then see what happens from there," said Kaylie.

KTVB contacted the Idaho Department of Labor about what can be done in this situation. We were told that anyone who is owed wages can file a complaint and a claim to try and get their money.

KTVB also called the owner of Body Renew, Dakota Routh to ask him what's going on and whether there are plans to get people their money. At this time, he hasn't returned our calls.


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