Nampa superintendent resigns less than a year after taking job

Nampa superintendent resigns less than a year after taking job




Posted on May 14, 2013 at 10:54 PM

Updated Tuesday, Nov 19 at 1:12 PM

NAMPA -- After just six months on the job, interim superintendent Dr. Tom Michaelson says he's stepping down as leader of the Nampa School District.

The announcement came at the end of Tuesday night's school board meeting where board members also voted on more cuts to help make up the district's 5.1 million dollar deficit.


During Monday's meeting, board members made a a series of cuts to help save more cash.

Members chose not to fill 27 staff positions left open by staff members resigning or retiring. They also voted to eliminate freshmen baseball and softball programs throughout the district. The last cut involved a five percent decrease in supplemental salaries.

"It's a very difficult, what we have to do, making the cuts, doing the things that we need to do, is very difficult, and I think for different things it's just hard for everybody to be on board," said board member Scott Kido.

Despite the cuts, members including Kido decided not to eliminate 44 positions including physical education and elementary school music teachers.

Board members discussed a proposal to cut those classes Tuesday night as well.

However, music teachers expressed concern. One Nampa school teacher said music in a young child's life is a fundamental part of any education.

"Why would we go backwards? With all of the concerns in society about health and the disappearing of arts, it doesn't make sense," said teacher and parent Amy Ackley.

In the end, board members decided they simply couldn't let those elementary programs go.


The other big decision at Tuesday's meeting came from the interim superintendent Dr. Tom Michaelson as he announced his resignation.

While he wasn't hired permanently, Board Chairman Scott Kido tells us members hoped that Dr. Michaelson would stay in the position for the next year.

That's because Michaelson was brought in to help clear up the massive budget shortfall. However, Dr. Michaelson did say the school district is making progress in the budget deficit.

Kido tells us the board members were scheduled to discuss the superintendent's contract at Tuesday's meeting.

He says that discussion triggered concerns among some board members and talk throughout the community.

"If he would have continued another year he would have endured a lot of criticism, a lot of attacks, it just would have been hard for him, and it just wasn't fair, honestly it just wasn't fair to put him through another year of attacks and criticism," says Kido.


We're told the Nampa High School's Chief Educational Officer, Pete Kohler, will take over as interim superintendent.

This all comes as the deadline gets closer for Nampa schools to balance next year's budget.

The school district must be ready to report to the state in just five weeks.