Idaho senators react to stopgap bill

Idaho senators react to stopgap bill


by Karen Zatkulak

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Posted on September 20, 2013 at 4:40 PM

Updated Friday, Sep 20 at 5:51 PM

BOISE -- On Friday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill to end funding for the Affordable Care Act while keeping government open.

The vote was almost entirely along party lines, with Republicans supporting the bill.

But there's little chance that the democratic majority in the Senate will pass the measure.

All this comes just 10 days before the federal government runs out of funding.

The bill would essentially terminate the Affordable Care Act while keeping the government operational.

Now, it's in the Senate's hands, and Idaho Sen. Mike Crapo says he'll vote for it.

"I very strongly support that effort, I hope they will send that bill to the Senate, and when they do I intend to support it," said Crapo.

Crapo has been openly against the new health care reform and says he'll do what he can to stop the funding of it.

"The bill increases taxes by over a trillion dollars, it cuts Medicare and undercuts the stability of Medicare, it increases health care costs and reduces access to health care," said Crapo.

Sen. Jim Risch is against the Affordable Care Act as well, but says there are two separate issues involved.

"I will vote to not fund Obamacare. I will not vote for any bill that makes movements towards shutting down the government," said Risch.

But Risch says there's almost no chance that the Senate will pass the current bill.

So as the budget deadline grows closer, an agreement on the future does not.

"This is just not going to happen, the defunding. That doesn't mean you have to vote for it," said Risch.

Current government funding runs out on September 30.

The new measure would fund the government through December 15, basically at last year's levels.

It would also leave the budget sequesters in place.