I Wonder: What's with the lonely building section?

I Wonder: What's with the lonely building section?

Credit: Don Day/KTVB.COM

This building panel stands alone along Beacon Street on the southern edge of the Boise State University Campus.


by Don Day KTVB.COM

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Posted on August 20, 2009 at 9:17 AM

Updated Sunday, Oct 25 at 3:22 PM

I wonder what the lonely section of building on Beacon Street near Boise State is for.

BOISE - Since its founding in 1932, Boise State has been in a nearly constant state of construction and change. Dorms and classrooms and apartments and stadiums and skyboxes continually spring up in a place where planes once landed. That's right - the Boise State campus used to be home to an airport -- but anything bigger than a paper plane would find it difficult to land there now.

Progress is the name of the game for Boise State - and empty lots and older buildings continually give way to tall, strong buildings made of brick.

But in this case -- a big brick wall stands alone on a lot that is otherwise empty.

Nearby, construction workers are buzzing about, putting finishing touches on the new Norco Building that stands about a block away.

The lonely brick wall stands tall in the breeze, aided by a few sticks of lumber and surrounded by a fence.

"My understanding is that the contractor put it up early on in the process in order to show the clients what the masonry would look like," Boise State University spokesperson Mike Journee said.

The client in this case is the school itself. The general contractor wanted to make sure that it had the right materials and overall look for that new Norco building - so they built a wall complete with window panel.

"The contractor builds a sample panel for the masonry," Journee said. "Since there are so many different types of masonry, they put it up to show the client how it all goes together and how it matches."

The building fragment went up within the last six months - and won't last long. A Boise State official says the wall will come down as soon as the construction project is wrapped up.

The Norco Building will house the department of nursing and health wellness.

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