Celebrating with fireworks? Know the laws

Know the laws when it comes to fire works in the city, and state.


by Kelsey Jacobson KTVB


Posted on August 15, 2009 at 4:33 PM

Updated Wednesday, Oct 14 at 1:08 PM

BOISE - The Fourth of July is fast approaching, and you probably already know how you'll be celebrating.

If your plans include your own fireworks display, you should be aware of the city ordinances, state laws-and how to stay safe.

In the Gem State, aerial fireworks are illegal-unless you have a license.

"Anything that flies or explodes, it tends to be illegal," said Jamey Drinkall, Fat City Fireworks Store Manager.

That is the case for both Nampa and Boise.

"They can have sparklers, but they shouldn't go over about 15 ft in the air. They shouldn't shoot any type of flaming balls. So they need to stay on the ground and also, they shouldn't project themselves." said Boise Fire Marshal Mark Senteno. "So even if they're on the ground, they shouldn't be moving around very far from where you originally lit them."

But in the Boise foothills, everything is off-limits.

"We do not allow open flames at all, certainly we don't allow fireworks," Senteno said.

Some wholesalers do sell aerial fireworks that are not legal to set off in Idaho, but those who choose to buy them must sign a waiver promising to not use them illegally.

When it comes to safety, a lot of fireworks might look harmless-b ut those can be some of the most dangerous.

"The hand sparklers that the little kids use, they burn extremely hot, and they can be very dangerous," Senteno said. "Try not to have your kids wear loose clothing, because it can be set on fire and if you're taking that risk with your child you need to be there. Basically, just use common sense and be safe and you'll be okay."

For many, fireworks are a Fourth of July tradition.

"Primarily, people just want to get out and have a good time and enjoy the fourth," said Drinkall, Fat City Fireworks.

And while the Nampa and Boise Fire Departments want you to do just that-they want you to do it safely.