Milk commercial to feature gold medalist Kristin Armstrong



Posted on August 15, 2009 at 4:32 PM

Updated Wednesday, Oct 14 at 1:05 PM

A lot of work goes into making the Armstrong ad

BOISE -- Milk does a body good -- and Boise's gold medalist agrees.

Kristin Armstrong drinks milk after every race, and now through commercials, she will be telling others to do the same.

It looked like a scene right out of Hollywood.

A dry desert with photographers and crews, and even a makeup artist.

But if you wait and watch there is no set, props, or actors -- simply a cyclist shooting a commercial.

"It's not intense, but sometimes it's draining," said Kristin Armstrong.

Take after take and shot after shot, every detail is monitored, and every one of Kristin Armstrong's movements watched.

Following the camera-equipped truck, Kristin with the road behind, takes instruction to help promote her favorite refueling drink -- chocolate milk.

"I really believe in chocolate milk and so it's really easy to be sponsored by a product that you actually believe in," said Armstrong.

"Idaho's dairy farm families are committed to sporting their communities and local athletes and people who want to do good things in the community, and it just doesn't get better with that than Kristin," said Cheri Storey, United Dairymen of Idaho.

United Dairymen and Kristin joined forces before she won in Beijing. The organization was happy with her then and even happier with their golden girl now.

"Milk is such a wholesome product and she is so wholesome and so it's a good fit for both of us," said Storey.

A good fit that's a lot of work. From being sprayed with Pam cooking spray to look sweaty, and riding hours for a 30 second spot -- Kristin says it's worth it but admits she's looking forward to competing again.

"I look forward to getting on the plane tomorrow and focusing on the world championship and my training again," said Armstrong.

After Kristin's commercial shoot today, she had to train. She leaves for Italy Friday to compete in the world championship.