Dylan Groene's final letter sheds new light on case

Dylan Groene's final letter sheds new light on case

Dylan and Shasta Groene




Posted on August 15, 2009 at 4:32 PM

Updated Wednesday, Oct 14 at 1:02 PM

BOISE - In Federal Court Thursday, a set of letters written by Dylan and Shasta Groene was introduced into evidence. The letters were written to their father Steve Groene after the children were kidnapped by Joseph E. Duncan - who admitted to a series of crimes that left most of a north Idaho family dead - including young Dylan.

"This is Dylan we are still alive. We are OK and we know what happened to Mom, Mark and Slade and I'm sorry you had to loose a son and an ex wife," Dylan's letter wrote.

Dylan's letter details some of the horrors he saw and the trauma Duncan subjected the children to.

"When he took me I seen Slade and I felt very, very, very, sorry for him I seen the blood on his face and chest."

He also seemed hopeful that his ordeal would end with a reunion with his father.

"But what I wanted to tell you is we might see you again and we might not if we decide to go with him," Dylan wrote.

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Dylan indicates Duncan promised empty incentives to the children.

"If we decide to go with him we will go see Eminem and get $1,000,000 and we already have $1,000,000. But we figured the $1,000,000 was fake. But that does not matter, what matteres (sic) to me is getting out of here and getting home."

Dylan's final words to his father - and his love - were only limited by the amount of space on the sheet of notebook paper.

"You have a doghter (sic) and son who love you very, very, much, and I'm sure we have a dad who loves us very, very, much to (sic)... I'm running out of space so I wanted to tell you that I love you very much. By dad love you."

After the letter was written, Duncan killed Dylan Groene in front of his sister Shasta, shooting the boy in the stomach and watching him beg for his life. He then reloaded the shotgun and shot Dylan in the head while Shasta watched, according to prosecutors.

Dylan's younger sister Shasta also wrote several letters.

"I miss you very much. and me and Dylan Know what happened to mom mark and Slade and we both feel very sorry for them," Shasta wrote. "We both miss you Jesse and Vance. and we might see you guys again."

Jesse and Vance are Shasta and Dylan's two older brothers who were not involved in the attack.