New details emerge about Nampa couple's murder

New details emerge about Nampa couple's murder

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Bob and Idella Young.



Posted on August 15, 2009 at 4:32 PM

Updated Wednesday, Oct 14 at 12:33 PM

Suspect knew victims

CALDWELL -- New details are emerging in the slayings of Bob and Idella Young.

A courtroom audio recording from police and prosecutors reveals the suspect, Pete Roberts, rented property from the Youngs, and the link does not end there.

Roberts and his now ex-wife Inga Reeves rented a home from the Youngs.

According to statements by the ex-wife to police, Roberts suspected an affair between his wife and Bob Young and he got angry when she told him that Young had been by the house multiple times and kissed her.

"Based on the interview with Inga Reeves, it is our belief that the suspect was upset about an alleged affair with his ex-wife Ms. Reeves and Bob Young, believes that the allegation of infidelity and the alleged kiss led the suspect in rage of Bob Young," from Nampa Police interview.

Roberts and his wife separated a year before police believe Bob and Idella Young were murdered.

But before that, while married, they rented a home from the Youngs on Holly Street in Nampa.

In the court recordings, the ex-wife stated that the relationship between the Roberts and the Youngs was bad, because she and her husband chronically failed to pay their rent.

Roberts was not working during much of that time -- and when he did, it was on-and-off again construction jobs.

The court recordings also say that during the past five years Roberts made statements to friends, even his new girlfriend, about doing a 'bad thing,' and they believed his was connected to the crime.

"During their relationship the suspect told Ms. Ilers, that if he had done something that if detected, or if someone were to find out about it, he would go away forever, that she didn't want to know about," from Nampa Police interview.

Police say Roberts' DNA was found on several items in the house when the Youngs were found murdered, including his blood on gloves left in the home and on the fax machine.

Pete Roberts has been indicted on kidnapping and first-degree murder charges by a grand jury.

He will be back in court next week. If convicted, Roberts could face the death penalty.