Bergdahl platoon mates in search of book, movie deal

BOISE -- Since Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl was freed several months ago and the story has continued to unfold. The military is conducting an investigation into what happened, and several of Bergdahl's platoon mates are coming forward with their side of the story.

Specialist Cody Full spent a lot of time with Sergeant Bergdahl during their service on the same fire team. Two fire teams are assigned to a squad, while a platoon consists of four squads.

There are two fire teams to a squad, and four squads to a platoon, so they worked together closely before Bergdahl left their base in Afghanistan in June 2009.

"We lived together and we worked together every single day," said Full. "So I spent more hours with him than not." They were roommates based in Alaska, before they deployed to Afghanistan.

"He was a good solider, he was real quiet," said Full. "He's kind of a loner type. We would try to activate team activities outside of work, but the majority of the time he wasn't interested in that."

Full said everyone on their base in Afghanistan was focused on finding Bergdahl after he left. "The only thing you can really depend on is your fellow American, and we didn't leave him behind, he left us behind," Full said. "We didn't stop searching for him until he was transported to Pakistan."

After the fact, the pieces came together for Full.

"Just some of the stuff he said in Afghanistan, always hanging out with the local people more than fellow Americans, learning the language really well, those kind of things helped connect the dots for me," he said.

Now Full and five other soldier's from Bergdahl's platoon are shopping out book and movie deals.

"We want the true side of the story out, the absolute nothing-but-the-truth, just the facts," he said. "I'm not trying to Hollywood anything up, we just want the facts out there."

Full said their efforts to publish a book and make a movie are about presenting the whole story to the public, because he may never get answers to some of his own questions.

"It's really odd for what happened, for him to walk off because that never happens," said Full. "Why? Why'd you do it? It's hurtful. What was so bad?"

Full said one publishing house turned down their manuscript, but they are not concerned and still think they can get the book published.


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