I Wonder: When will Boise homes get new trash carts?

I Wonder: When will Boise homes get new trash carts?

Credit: Courtesy City of Boise Public Works

Boise residents will soon have new trash and recycling carts, starting next week for some.


by Don Day KTVB.COM

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Posted on October 25, 2009 at 3:08 PM

BOISE - If you've been waiting for new trash and recycling carts to hit the streets of Boise - you won't have to be patient much longer.

KTVB.COM first broke news of the program in December, and distribution of the carts will start Monday morning; with residents in the Hickory Court area of West Boise the first to join the new program. Crews will take about nine weeks to finish distribution of the carts - with about 8,000 homes getting their new rolling plastic bins each week.


Vince Trimboli with Boise Public Works says his group worked hard to try and make sure everyone is aware of the program - with ads, displays at local stores and a special custom website.

"We want to make sure people are not shocked," he said. We don't want them see the carts and go 'what is this,?' we want to make sure they know in advance."

All Boise residents have already been given a direct mail piece outlining the program -- and one week before the new carts are delivered, another flyer will be handed out. Also, the carts will come with a 20-page handbook that gives all the details on the program, and also explains additional programs like hazardous waste disposal and the yearly leaf recycling program.

Trimboli says that outreach to elderly citizens continues, with some looking at it as a difficult change.

"We think we can help them," he said. "We have high school volunteers that are willing to go out and help."

Another concern has been the change in the amount of trash residents can get rid of. Currently you can drop an unlimited amount of refuse in bags and cans for pickup. With the new program, virtually all waste must be contained within a cart. Homeowners who may produce more trash than will fit in the 96 gallon trash cart or accompanying recycling cart can order additional bins - $1 per month for the first and $2 for each additional container.

Trimboli says the city has been making changes and tweaking the program - especially after a series of neighborhood meetings held last winter. He says input from the meetings helped craft the program details.

Another added benefit will be a new fleet of compressed natural gas garbage trucks -- made possible by the simplified cart pickup process. The trucks, owned by Allied Waste, will pour fewer pollutants into the Valley's air and help the city attain its goals of becoming more sustainable and green-friendly.

"(It'll) be the first fleet of garbage trucks in Idaho to run on CNG. It helps the emissions of course, but also highlights Allied's effort to be a green company and go out on a limb and invest in sustainability and Boise's future."

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