Justin versus an onion

Justin versus an onion


by Justin Corr

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Posted on October 26, 2012 at 7:36 PM

Updated Sunday, Oct 28 at 9:20 PM

Oz Blog, Day Three

On day two of my blog, I glossed over a tip that actually got a lot of reaction from my co-workers. One of Oz's guests, Chris Kilham, recommended that people eat an onion EVERY day. He says onions help prevent and treat various kinds of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and gastrointestinal disorders. He says we can cook them into our dinner in various ways, but says that the greatest amount of those benefits comes from raw onions.

So, why not just eat an onion every day like an apple? "Because that would be disgusting," you might respond. But, how could I be sure if I didn't try it?

As you will see, the ordeal starts out great, but after about a minute, things go South in a hurry.

My favorite part of the video are the looks from our 10pm Producer Erica, who’s sitting over my right shoulder. Her face goes from curiosity to surprise to disgust to horror in about 60 seconds.
So, here’s the deal I’m making with everyone. Since Dr. Oz didn’t tell us to eat an onion every day (his guest, Chris Kilham did), I’m going to change the daily habit to eating SOME onion every day (likely cooked into something). Is this a cop-out? Maybe, but I’m making the rules, and I was tasting that onion for a day afterwards.

Let’s talk about Wednesday’s show, which was partly about getting a good night’s sleep. I’ve never really had trouble getting to sleep (unless I ate an entire onion that day). Here’s a list of places I’ve fallen asleep; the floor, the bathroom, the bathroom at work (not KTVB), the car, the closet, a restaurant, various parties, the couch, and occasionally the bed. But while I’m good at sleeping, I’m apparently amazing at snoring (or so my wife tells me). Katie says it’s a race to get to sleep before me, or else, she’s going to have some trouble getting her Z’s. My sleeping ability is awesome, but it’s dragging down my wife’s sleep. I’m like the Terrell Owens of sleeping, a great player who only makes his team worse.

But, Oz had some tips to help my wife silence my nightly nasal thunder, a neti pot and nasal strips. I’ll let you know how they work.

For a good night’s sleep, he also recommended keeping your pets out of the bed. I don’t know if a four or six-year-old boy counts, but they should. My youngest, while allegedly sleeping, can roundhouse kick me in the head hard enough to give me a concussion. While that might help me sleep, it wasn’t recommended by Oz.

The good doctor also said doing bed yoga (a type of stretching) can help people fall asleep, along with various ways of relaxing and turning your brain off (no need to E-mail jokes about me never bothering to turn my brain on, unless they’re funny). Finally, Oz said to keep a consistent bedtime (like after watching that award-winning News at Ten on Idaho’s Newschannel Seven, where the news comes first). He says to try to get 4-5 sleep cycles (90 minutes apiece) every night, about 7-and-a-half hours of sleep. So, get some sleep! I’ll check back in tomorrow.

7:00AM - "Personal business" followed by a weigh-in
7:10AM - Chant
7:15AM - Do the Five Tibetans workout
8:00AM - Read Tweets
2:00PM - Eat dark chocolate
6:00PM - Take fiber supplement
8:00PM - Post on Facebook
11:20PM - Use neti pot and apply nasal strip (reduce snoring)
11:30PM - Bedtime

- some onion (treat and prevent various diseases)
- 2 cups of coffee (help digestion, reduce chance of colon/rectal cancer)
- 1oz of dark chocolate (lower cholesterol, improve blood pressure, reduce inflammation)

- 2000mg of glucomannan root (dietary fiber/weight loss) ($13 for a month's supply)
- 500mg of turmeric (fights liver damage/Alzheimers/some cancers) ($15 fo