Justin is famous!

Justin is famous!

Justin is famous!


by Justin Corr

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Posted on November 11, 2012 at 3:40 PM

Updated Wednesday, Oct 30 at 10:24 AM

Oz Blog Day 19

Before we start with Friday’s episode, I want to make sure everyone saw one of the highlights of my slightly prestigious career – I appeared in the wildly popular News to Me comic (appearing weekly on Today’s Morning News). Check it out.

Of course, there haven’t been any slugs or earthworms on the show… yet.

I could stop the blog right now, and be happy… But I won’t, because the latest episode of The Dr. Oz Show was all about embarrassing moments and bathroom talk. It was the episode I was born to blog about!

We’ll start with embarrassing moments. Once, I wrote an online blog that had all these videos of me eating weird stuff and falling on my face… wait a second! That’s this blog! Anyway, on the show, other people talked about THEIR most embarrassing moments. One woman discussed how she sweats under her breasts. Dr. Oz recommended absorbent pads for her bra.

I know this guy, it’s not me, his name is Jason Carr… Anyway, the breast sweat is sometimes a problem he has too, but only when he’s working out or mowing the lawn. The pads won’t work for him, since most days, he goes bra-less. But, he’s trying to help the problem by simply losing weight, thereby reducing his cup size. He’s losing pounds by doing an online Dr. Oz blog health program (again, we’re talking about my friend Jason, not me). From the start of this project, he’s probably gone from a B-cup to an A-cup. I wish him luck.

Now let’s talk about poop and pee. "Hooray!" says the giggling 6-year-old in all of us. But seriously, Oz makes a good point that these things can say a lot about what’s going on inside of us. As a parent, I totally agree. I talk more about my kids’ poop and pee than I ever thought I would because it does tell you a lot. Sometimes, you figure out exactly where that Lego piece went.

As for me, or rather, my friend Jason, he has almost perfect "leavings," according to Dr. Oz. It must be all that stuff that he’s taking and eating on his blog. However, Oz says your pee should be clear, and Jeff – err, Jason isn’t quite to that point yet. So, Jason will start drinking a little more water.

Before I give you the ever-growing list of Oz tips I’m trying to do, eat, and take daily, I need to take a timeout to thank my vigilant editor Lisa Chavez. She takes care of the technical side of things, and posts most of these blogs late at night, on the weekend, or late at night on the weekend. I couldn’t do it without her. Thanks, Lisa! (editor's note: You are very welcome!) Also, sorry this heartfelt message had to come in the blog entry about poop and pee.


7:00AM - "Personal business," check color, amount, and shape

7:05AM - Weigh-in

7:10AM - Chant

7:15AM - Five Tibetans workout

7:20AM - Chris Powell’s five minute workout

7:25AM - Five minute metabolism workout

7:30AM - Lift weights

7:35AM - Drink "Kitchen Sink Smoothie"

8:00AM - Read Tweets

8:30AM - Apply topical vitamin C with sunscreen ($19 for 4 ounces)

2:00PM - Eat dark chocolate

6:00PM - Take fiber supplement

8:00PM - Post on Facebook

10:20PM - Use neti pot (helps snoring) ($12.50 a month, including pot)

11:15PM - Apply witch hazel ($6 for 16 ounces)

11:20PM - Apply nasal strip (helps snoring) ($10 a month)

11:25PM - Do bed yoga

11:30PM - Bedtime



- Some onion (treats and prevents various diseases) ($2.50 for a 5lb bag)

- 2oz of papaya juice (increases energy) ($8 a month)

- 1oz of dark chocolate (lowers cholesterol, improves blood pressure, reduces inflammation) ($15 a month)

- 2 cups of white tea (busts fat) ($7.50 a month)

- 2 tbsp of coconut oil (improves metabolism) ($12 a month)

- Half-a-grapefruit (boosts metabolism, prevents stomach cancer) ($13 a month)

- 10 oz of berries (prevents pancreatic cancer) ($27.50 a month)

- ¼ cup of kale (prevents heart disease and lung/breast cancer) ($11 a month)



- 2000mg of glucomannan root (dietary fiber/weight loss) ($13 a month)

- 500mg of turmeric (fights liver damage/Alzheimer’s/some cancers) ($7.50 a month)

- 400mg of astragalus (slows down aging) ($7.50 a month)

- 1 Tbsp of pea protein powder (curbs cravings) ($18 a month)

- 1 Tbsp of brewer’s yeast (increases energy) ($15 a month)

- 1 Daily multivitamin (does a lot of stuff) ($2 a month)