Former CIA operative weighs in on terrorist attacks

A national security expect discussed the next step for law enforcement.

BOISE - Social media is running wild looking for answers in the aftermath of multiple suspected terror attacks, but national security experts say everyone needs to be patient and let law enforcement do their job.

Former CIA covert operations officer and security & information expert Mike Baker says jumping to conclusions doesn’t help the situation.

"You have these three incidents you can't just rush to speculation, they are all linked together, this is international terrorism, and you have to be cautious,” said Baker. “There is a lot of moving parts to an investigation, but you have to build your investigation on facts."

Baker says getting all the facts will take some time.  

"It’s unfortunate and it’s unsatisfying, but the answers to these incidents almost never come immediately after the attack," said Baker.  

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After capturing suspected terrorist Ahmad Baker early Monday, Baker says the next step for law enforcement is to get as much information as possible from him.

"The first thing you talk to him about is do you know any other impending attacks? Then you start working with his associates trying to understand is he part of a group, is he part of a support cell that is operating in New York or New Jersey," said Baker.

Paying attention to red flags can help prevent attacks, and that being aware and speaking up will make the difference.

"If you see someone drop off a package and walk away, if you see an unattended bag, all those things we have been hearing about for years now since 9/11 then say something. Don't be the person who walks away and says that's kind of unusual and then walks away," said Baker.

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