Selena Thomas' death due to blunt force trauma

NAMPA -- An autopsy by the Canyon County Coroner determined that the cause of death of Selena Thomas was due to blunt force trauma to the head.

Nampa Police say the body recovered from a cornfield south of Melba on Thursday had been positively identified as Selena Thomas by the Canyon County Coroner's Office. The family had been notified.

Canyon County crime scene investigators and the Nampa Police forensics unit found the body at a crime scene that had been previously identified.

Selena Thomas' boyfriend Alfredo Martinez admitted killing his girlfriend and burying her sheet-wrapped body in rural Canyon County, according to court documents.

Police say Selena Dawn Thomas' mother contacted them on Monday, concerned that she had not heard from her daughter in days. The mother also said Martinez, who has a history of domestic violence and recently got out of prison, was abusive.

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Martinez turned himself in after police asked for the public's help in finding him and Thomas. In an interview with detectives, he told them he had hit Thomas with a metal hammer, then pushed her back when she came forward at him. According to court documents, Thomas fell backwards, striking her head on a dresser.

After killing Thomas, police say Martinez asked his nephew to come over to the house.

When Jorge Luis Garcia arrived with Martinez, he saw a body wrapped in a sheet inside a bedroom closet. He says Martinez dragged the body into the garage by the legs, before picking it up and dumping it into the trunk of the car.

Garcia says he never touched the body and did not know whether or not it was Thomas. He told police he didn't call authorities because he was afraid of Martinez.

After Garcia left, Martinez enlisted the help of two more men: Jose Cruz Flores and Daniel Francisco Sena. Flores told investigators that the suspect gave him some of Thomas' property, including a lawnmower and weed eater. At Martinez' house, Flores said the suspect told him he and his girlfriend had gotten in a fight, and Thomas "got it bad." Flores also said he noticed blood on Martinez' clothes.

Flores says he later spotted the corpse when he opened Martinez' trunk to put a cooler inside. The body was wrapped in sheets and giving off a foul odor, he told investigators.

Martinez said that Flores and Sena came with him to get rid of the body, and took turns digging a grave for Thomas' body in a field near Swan Falls. Sena also told police he acted as a lookout while the other men dropped her body into the hole, according to court documents.

The men also admitted tossing the trunk carpet from Martinez' car into another field.

All three were arraigned Thursday. Sena, Garcia and Flores have all been charged with destruction and concealment of evidence, a felony. Flores is also charged with accessory to murder in the second degree and burglary. The judge put no-contact orders in place for all three men with each other, and Alfredo Martinez. Bail was set at $200,00 for Garcia, $250,000 for Sena, and $500,000 for Flores.

Martinez is being held in the Canyon County Jail on a parole violation, and has not yet been charged in connection with Thomas' death.

Thomas' friends and family gathered in Lakeview Park in Nampa Thursday night to mourn her with a candlelight vigil.


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