Find out if a sex offender lives near you via email

Find out if a sex offender lives near you via email


by Karen Zatkulak

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Posted on December 17, 2013 at 5:42 PM

Updated Wednesday, Dec 18 at 11:25 AM

BOISE -- A frequently checked Idaho website is getting an upgrade.

The state's sex offender registry now has a new feature, making it even easier to find out if a convicted sex offender lives near your home.

It's an email notification system, so you can get an email any time a registered sex offender moves in or out of your area.

"We put the infrastructure in place for the public, if they so desire to use it," said Dawn Peck with Idaho State Police.

You can get alerts for changes within one, three, or five miles from any address, like your home, church, or child's school.

Registrants typically have to verify their address every four months and the website is updated twice a day.

"They don't want to have to be going back to the registry every few days to see who has moved in to their neighborhood, they like the idea of proactive notification," said Peck.

It's a design that Idaho State Police hope helps those concerned about who lives close to their family.

"Being mindful of who is in your neighborhood and people feel a little more in control of their safety when you know who is in your neighborhood," said Peck.

You can also sign up for email alerts any time a specific registered sex offender moves.

The website gets checked frequently. In October, Idaho's sex offender registry was checked more than 2,060,000 times.

We do want to point out that the program uses Google maps, so if your address isn't available, ISP suggests you use a nearby location.

As for the cost, the added feature was paid for through grant funding.

If you would like to sign up for notification system, click HERE.