Bogus Basin unveils 'road map' for year-round plans

The resort is working on a road map for the future.

BOISE -- Community leaders in Boise revealed exciting plans Tuesday for Boise's hometown winter recreation area - Bogus Basin.

As Director of Development for Bogus Basin, Susan Saad explains this is a "road map for the future."

The ski area has had some bad luck with Mother Nature in recent years and they are going through a leadership transition. So, with the help of donations, the board of directors hired a consulting team to keep money moving all year-round.  

Bogus already offers some summer recreation activities.

"We have really started that this summer with music on the mountain, chair lift days and things like that," said Saad.

But Saad says Bogus Basin needs more of that to make it sustainable.

"I can tell you that what you are seeing happening up at Bogus this summer is a preview and kind of an anchor of what's to come," she said. "Imagine that on a much larger scale."

It's the kinds of summer recreation the public wants to see.

"Like mountain coasters or zip lines something like that, that will generate revenue to help us sustain the operation year round and not be so reliant on the weather in the winter," said Saad.

In terms of the winter, those with Bogus Basin revealed big plans for the winter, when Mother Nature doesn't cooperate.

"Snow making really emerged as a theme for us, many ski areas have gone to artificial snow making to help offset when Mother Nature doesn't cooperate," she said.

And along with this feasibility study, Bogus Basin is asking the public to weigh in. Saad says their part will not stop.

She hopes folks will fill out a survey on the feasibility study findings, as well as continue to support the ski hill financially, because it is a nonprofit.

"We are evolving. We are evolving with the community and we are evolving with the weather," said Saad. "And to have a road map that we are creating from this, is very exciting for us and it will be very exciting to share it with the community."



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