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UPDATE: Ryan Stockdale could be released from hospital on Monday

by Maggie O'Mara

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Posted on March 26, 2010 at 8:08 AM

Updated Wednesday, Oct 30 at 2:45 AM

UPDATE: Many of you have asked me how Ryan Stockdale's recovery is going after having his deep brain stimulator implanted again last week. Today, I have an update for you. He looks swollen in the photo below, but he is well on his way to recovery, and could be released from the hospital in San Francisco as soon as this Monday.

Ryan Stockdale and wife Karia

This is all according to his wife Karia. She's been keeping us all posted on his progress on her Facebook page. He had surgery last week, and had some complications after. Here's a look at some of her recent postings from this week:

March 21: Ryan is looking so much better today, still in a lot of pain but his skin is beginning to heal and swelling going down. So glad they caught it early this time!

March 22: Ryan is doing so good today, making tons of progress. Blood work still not looking good a little worse actually. But hoping to get out of the hospital soon. I am missing my kiddos like crazy, we have to stay in SF for a while after he gets out of the hospital!!! Thanks everyone for the thoughts and prayers, they are working!!!

March 24: Tomorrow the stimulator will be turned up to 2 volts. We are hoping that makes a huge dent in Ryan's pain. We will also have labs done to make sure he is still getting better. Thank you for the continued prayers.

March 25th: Wish we could come home! Doctors say we have to stay until at least Monday. It is taking longer for his incisions to heal, because of all of the complications and steroids. Praying for Monday, I miss my kids like crazy!!!!


BLOG FROM MARCH 19th, 2010

Who can forget the Ryan Stockdale story? It made headlines quite a bit this past summer. The Middleton husband and father battled cluster headaches - a rare and painful condition that completely debilitated him. The Stockdale family is also well known for being featured on the TV show Extreme Home Makeover in 2007.

Thanks to the generous support and donations from our community, the Stockdale's raised enough money to cover an experimental procedure at UCSF to cure him of his headaches. He had a deep brain stimulation procedure, and it seemed to work! His headaches stopped and the family was overjoyed at his progress.

BUT, while recovering in August - complications arose. He came down with an infection, and very soon after surgery - he had to have the stimulator removed. His headaches returned! 

On March 16th, Ryan had the stimulator implanted again. But he's suffering from complications. I've been in touch with Karia Stockdale all week to see how he's faring. He's had a rough go of it this time around. She's been updating her Facebook page to keep people informed on his progress... they are still very hopeful it will work this time around. 

Karia Stockdale's Status Updates on Ryan:

DAY 1: Ryan's surgery is done!!!! Everything went really, really well. Only one reaction to a medication. He is still in recovery, it only took 6 hours this time. I will let you all know when I see him!!!! I feel so very blessed!!!

DAY 1: Still haven't been up to see Ryan, they are having a hard time getting his pain under control!!! Praying this is the last hurdle he must pass over!!!

DAY 2: Ryan is in the CCU now, he has had a rough day! Another allergic reaction to meds, trouble getting his pain under control, and a lot of swelling. This evening is looking brighter, they just turned on his stimulator and so far so good. Thank you all for the continually prayers we have a long road of recovery!

DAY 3 (Yesterday): Update on Ryan: He is having a major reaction to something, medication they believe. They are taking biopsies now and probably keeping him in the hospital until at least Monday. Please continue to pray for him. I continue to have great faith in miracles. 


We'll keep you posted on how Ryan is doing as we find out more...