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Q & A with Kyle Wilson from the Senior Bowl

by Maggie O'Mara

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Posted on January 29, 2010 at 7:53 AM

Updated Wednesday, Oct 30 at 4:25 AM


Boise State's Kyle Wilson is in Mobile, Alabama - getting ready to play in Saturday's Under Armour Senior Bowl. It's football's most important pre-draft event, with the country's best senior collegiate football players and top NFL draft prospects on teams representing the North and South.

It airs this Saturday, January 30th at 2pm on the NFL Network.

It's an incredible honor to be chosen to play in this game... and Kyle is pumped about it!

I had the chance to do some Q & A with him - and I thought I'd share it with all of you:

MO: How did it feel to win the Fiesta Bowl again? For you, how was it different than the one back in 2007?

KW: Winning the Fiesta Bowl again felt like I was on top of the world again. It was simply joy and happiness. It made all the hard work and sacrifice the past couple of years all worth it. This game was very similar yet different from 2007. In 2007, we as a team were supposed to be no match for Oklahoma and we upset them because we believed. Also, back then I was a freshman following the leaders and seniors lead.

2010, this was my team. I had a lot of influence, over the last few years we have had ups and downs but this year we left no doubt. We lost to TCU by one point for our only loss my junior year and their reaction when they found out they were playing us again said it all. They had a good year and they were too good to play us. Again, we were the underdog with something to prove.

MO: Tell us about what happened when your hair was yanked out? What's the story behind that? How many times has that happened?

KW: One of my dreads was pulled out by the sideline on a punt return. I felt someone grabbing my hair after I thought the play was over, I am not sure though. So, I got up off the pile and one of my teammates handed it to me. Yes, I was in shock. My hair has never come out before. The five years I have grown my hair I have had only one dread break off in the middle, other than that - no. So back to the story, I eventually got to coach Pete to show him and he was surprised and we said something to a ref but nothing happened, but I was a little agitated the rest of the game for that.

MO: It's gotta hurt, right?

It just felt like someone pulling my hair. It didn't come from the scalp, there is a little twig where it used to be, no one can see it - but I know where it is.

MO: What did you do after the Fiesta Bowl? How did you celebrate that night, and in the days after?

KW: After the fiesta bowl I was in the locker room celebrating hard for a while, I don't know how long but it was a while. Then a handful of us had interviews and by the time we got back the team already left. We had an escort to the hotel. It was already late, but I got dressed and talked with my family and friends who came to the game.  20 or so of them were in the hotel lobby until almost 3a.m. Then I just went to sleep after that because the flight back to Boise was at 9am. or so and I had to be up at like 7am. I had an emotional high that night, I didn't need to go anywhere. My family is all I need.

MO: How excited are you for the opportunity to play in the Senior Bowl?

KW: I am definitely excited to play in the Senior Bowl. I think it is a great stage to play against the best in the country and show off my talent. I am really anxious, I have been watching the senior bowl for years and knew I would be there one day. I am honored to represent Boise State at the Senior Bowl 2010.

MO: Will your family come to the Bowl game in the famous K-DUB RV? What's it like to have that RV at the games?
What's next for that RV?

KW: Yes, the RV will be there. The RV is cool to me. It brings a lot of excitement to tailgating and gets a lot of attention, but it's my brother's. I like having him at my games more. I am not sure of the next few stops for the RV but my brother Gerry Wilson could tell you. I would guess, Senior Bowl, Combine, then Pro-Day, then I have no clue. When that ends I have no clue what happens to the RV. I am sure a renovation would be an option.

MO: What are your plans now? The NFL? Tell us how that process is going... do you have an agent?

KW: My plans are simple. Train hard and get better everyday. I am taking this in phases, first is the Senior Bowl. I have been preparing for that for weeks. Then the combine, then Pro Day. That is the outline I am following for the next few months. Yes I have an agent. I started training for my opportunity in the NFL two days after the Fiesta Bowl. I am taking this one phase at a time. With my dedication and hard work, I am making the most out of it.

MO: Do you plan to be based here in Boise? If not, what will you miss most about Boise?

KW: I am currently training in Orlando, FL. I will be back to Boise definitely for Pro Day but otherwise I will be maximizing my training efforts in Orlando. The thing I miss most about Boise is my friends. The relationships I have built over the years are priceless.

MO: What do you have to say to all your fans who will miss you next year? How can they keep in touch with you, and keep track of your career?

KW: To all my fans, thank you all! Thank you Bronco Nation. It has been a pleasure. Go Broncos!!!! My website has been up and running, check me out. As the draft gets closer we will post the progress and updates on my website.