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Fort Worth Mayor to pay up on Fiesta Bowl wager

by Maggie O'Mara

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Posted on January 12, 2010 at 7:53 AM

Updated Tuesday, Oct 29 at 5:49 PM

You should never bet against the Boise State Broncos!

The mayor of Fort Worth, Texas learned that lesson the hard way, and now it's time to pay up! 

Fort Worth Mayor Mike Moncrief made a friendly wager with Boise Mayor Dave Bieter - based on his TCU Horned Frogs winning the Fiesta Bowl. 




Well, as we all know - that didn't happen.

Boise State won 17 to 10!

Now, Mayor Moncrief has to wear a BSU jersey and hat to his City Council meeting tonight!

(Something tells me that won't go over well at the meeting...) 


The friendly wager also calls for Mayor Moncrief to have his picture taken in our cap and jersey.  Mayor Bieter is supposed to get a copy of that picture ASAP - as soon as we get our hands on it - we'll show it to you! 

I think Mayor Moncrief would look very handsome in BLUE and ORANGE, don't you?