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A cougar sighting in Hidden Springs... oh my!

by Maggie O'Mara

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Posted on May 4, 2010 at 9:32 AM

Updated Tuesday, Oct 29 at 9:07 PM

By now, you've most likely heard about the cougar sighting in Hidden Springs!

On Sunday, a jogger with a couple of dogs scared the young cougar right up this tree. The neighborhood sprung into action - calling Ada County Deputies, and Fish and Game etc. The people of Hidden Springs had a dilemma on their hands - what should they do about this BIG kitty in the tree? It was scary, but how do you take care of it properly?

I'll tell you what, this cougar was all the BUZZ On Facebook. Everyone was talking about it. One of my Facebook friends Jodie Pogue Turner lives in Hidden Springs, and she blogged about her experience with the cougar. She gave me permission to share some of her entry with you. So, here's an excerpt:

I was coming into Hidden Springs from the back way yesterday when I saw an Ada County Deputy and a few people standing down one of the paths looking up into the trees. Hmmmmmmmm. Last year it was a bear but I'm thinking it was probably a cougar. 

So we sat, in tick infested grass listening to the Deputy ask people to take a few pictures and move off because we didn't want to scare the cat any further. But I was a Game Warden's daughter, waiting for my Game Warden friend to get there - so I pretended he wasn't talking to me. I decided I must have my camera so I ran back home.

After another Game Warden friend and 2 biologists arrived and after much discussion, they decided the cat was a very young one and mama was still probably near. Their only options were to dart it and take it to a zoo (booooo), destroy it (BOOOOOOOO!), or leave it alone and hope it would come down during the night and leave the area. They knew that if they tranquilized it and relocated it that it would most likely be killed by a larger male.

The announcement was made to the crowd as to the options - and that they had decided to leave the cat alone for the night and see if it would go away. Our wonderful Hidden Springs residents cheered!

It was an awesome way to spend 3 hours on a Sunday and I love the fact that we had the opportunity to see this beautiful animal. (Jodie Pogue Turner) 

The good news is, the cougar did wander back into the foothills late Sunday night. All is safe in Hidden Springs!

To read Jodie's entire BLOG entry, and to see more of her pics of the cougar and the response - check out her BLOG at: