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We're half way through the work week...

by Maggie O'Mara

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Posted on January 7, 2009 at 7:20 AM

Updated Thursday, Oct 22 at 11:11 AM

It's Wednesday, and I like Wednesdays for some reason. Knowing Friday is close at hand makes me happy! Sleeping in (or sleeping at all) is so precious on this shift, so my weekends are primarily spent in pajamas. Heaven!

So much to blog about today! Where shall I begin?

First up - did you watch The Biggest Loser last night? I so admire Mandi and Aubrey, the local sisters who are losing weight on national television - for all to see!



We talked to Mandi and she told us they work out 6 to 8 HOURS per day! Yikes! She called it a "VIOLENT SHOVE" into weight loss... but she's thrilled to have the opportunity. She wouldn't tell us if they are currently winning OR how many pounds they have lost so far - they have to keep that a secret - or face the wrath of NBC! So, we'll just have to watch every Tuesday at 7pm to see how the sisters are doing...

Remember when I blogged about how in the world these contestants pay the bills while they spend all those months away from home on the "Ranch"? I got my answer! Our co-worker Tim, who freelanced for the show when they were shooting here in Boise - emailed me about that:

"Well, I happened to get lucky enough to work for the show while they were in town and I got the chance to ask the producer all sorts of questions. So, the answer is, they do give them a small stipend while they're on the show. He said they normally don't spend any money while they're on the Ranch, so it all goes back to their families and to their bills. He didn't give me the details as to how much, and I didn't want to ask."

So there you have it! Tim is such a great source for the scoop!

Did you hear about Peterson's two for one car deal? It was featured on The Today Show today! The dealership will give you a cute little Chevy Cobalt (here's a pic)...

Free Car.jpg

...if, and the key word is IF you buy a Cadillac SUV or pickup! That's a $13,500 dollar value. The dealership tells us no one has actually taken the Cobalt yet- they have taken a $13,500 discount instead! It's pretty incredible what dealerships are doing across the country to get customers to buy cars. Of course, the cars that qualify for this deal range from 40k to 70k... so you'll be spending some CASH for that little Cobalt.

Another fun story to talk about today - Flying Pie Pizza! The two restaurants in the Treasure Valley are closing up shop for a whole week so the employees can go to Costa Rica.


WHAT???? Here's the story behind it - the employees have been saving 10 percent of their tips for TEN YEARS. Now, they have enough money to send everyone on a fabulous vacation! Both locations will be closed from January 13th to January 19th. Then they will all be back to make your fave pizzas. Thank goodness. We have some Flying Pie addicts around here at KTVB - it is across the street after all!

It's slushy and wet out there today, watch for puddles on the roads and in the parking lots... after two days of snow, you'll need your golashes today. Does anyone really use that word anymore? Golashes? Does anyone actually have them? Are they in style? Probably not, but I'll tell you what... I need them!

Have a great Wednesday...