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Pizza in the studio?

by Maggie O'Mara

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Posted on January 8, 2009 at 6:18 AM

Updated Thursday, Oct 22 at 11:11 AM

So - here's some behind the scenes scoop for you - after all that talk yesterday about pizza and Flying Pie's Costa Rican Vacation - the morning crew decided today was a great day to make pizza here at the station! All show long, the amazing smell of delectible pizza baking in the oven was looming in the air. A great way to start the morning... :)

The weather today is mild, and the commute should be a breeze! It feels spring-like out there today... a nice change from the cold. Enjoy it, because Larry says it won't last. You can check out the 7 DAY on our weather page.

Yesterday you may have seen that Tamara Narad (see pic) was nabbed for allegedly stealing almost 100k worth of stuff from people's homes in our area.


Boise Police say it was all to support her meth habit, most of the stuff was pawned, and that's how police say they tracked her. Some of you may know that KTVB's Ysabel Bilbao's house was recently broken into - and someone stole her Christmas! Literally. All her gifts for her family under the tree, and many valuables were taken. We're wondering if this woman could be responsible? Police are working to find out.

On a lighter note, I got a call yesterday from a viewer - Al Spaulding - from Meridian. He left me a message on my voice mail saying he met my parents! I was kind of shocked since they live in California... (see pic of them below) I thought to myself - how did their paths cross? I must admit I was a little nervous, because my parents love to talk - and when I say talk, I mean talk about ME. That scares me just a wee bit. :) I was thinking what embarrassing stories will they tell poor Al about me?? LOL.

James, me, Mom and Dad.JPG

Well, I called Al, and he gave me the low down... Apparently, he was at the Phoenix airport baggage claim, wearing a BSU sweatshirt. My parents were there too, and saw the good ol' blue and orange (they are big BSU fans too) - they had to ask: "Do you live in BOISE?" Al said YES! And was probably wondering to himself "who are these people!" - Then my parents proceeded to talk this man's ear off about how I'm their child and and how I work at Channel 7 etc. My parents still think I'm a "child", because I'm the 5th kid, and I have no children of my own yet. I guess you stop being a child when you have a child? :)

The good news is, Al wasn't subjected to any embarrassing stories! Or so he says...