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by Maggie O'Mara

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Posted on January 15, 2009 at 6:33 AM

Updated Thursday, Oct 22 at 11:11 AM

It was so hard to get out of bed this morning! For some reason, these inversion conditions make me want to curl up into a ball and stay in bed all day... of course, I have to get up and function. After all, there is news to report. :)
That's what I tell myself at 3am to get motivated!


There were some cancellations at the Boise Airport this morning due to last night's heavy fog, but the good news is - everyone was able to get on a later flight this morning. They may have had to wait a while though... that's never fun.

What many people don't know is - this weather can cause Seasonal Affective Disorder - or S.A.D. Just one more disorder to worry about! (I think I'm a victim although I haven't been officially diagnosed) It's just harder to get that "get up and go"... when it's so yucky outside, you know? The good news is you can use light (special lamps, brighter bulbs) to curb the symptoms, and exercise works too. We ran a great story on fighting SAD today on the morning show, and the older couple (this is half of that couple - George - below in the pic) in it is a hoot!

SAD Man.jpg

You must watch it... it'll make you giggle. I certainly did! You can check it out on our homepage.

I'm headed to Eagle High School today to shoot a "7's Hero" segment on the soccer team. The team raised a bunch of money for The Special Olympics World Winter Games - we're going to take a look at how other schools can get involved, and do the same thing. There is still time!

The games are now less than a month away! WOW! I'm excited...