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Waking up to snow...

by Maggie O'Mara

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Posted on January 23, 2009 at 6:33 AM

Updated Thursday, Oct 22 at 11:11 AM

Ahhh... it's always fun to wake up, look out the window - and see snow. Or is it? It's much more fun to stay inside and have hot cocoa on a day like today. (That's just my humble opinion!) But most of us have to go out, clear off the car, drive in it, and work in it etc, etc.

Snow Roads.jpg

Lots of accidents and slide-offs today... but the good news is the rain and snow this weekend could just clear out this inversion, which we'd all appreciate. So, bring it on!

Yesterday - I blogged about the sad story of the cat named "Valentine" with the arrow injury. It's a story a lot of people are talking about.


It turns out, a 12 year old boy admitted he is the one who shot the cat, accidentally. He told his Dad he was trying to scare the cat away from some quail, and he didn't know he actually hit it. The case report has been sent to the Gem County Prosecutor's office, so we'll see if he will face any charges. The cat is recovering, and we had some video on the morning news of her eating, and sleeping today - so the good news is she is on the mend!

There's a lot of Dalai Lama Drama right now...

Dalai Lama Drama.jpg

The word is he was UN-invited to the Special Olympics World Winter Games here in Boise. What's the story behind the story? You can watch Alyson Outen's full report on our home page right now.

Guess what? Barack Obama gets to keep his Blackberry! He's an admitted addict (just like so many of us who are glued to our phones) and no president has had a Blackberry before. There's a security risk that goes with it - hackers could access his private emails.

Blackberry Addict.jpg

BUT, President Obama was thrilled to find out he can keep his addiction going! He can only use it with his senior staff and with personal friends. I was sad to hear that, because I was hoping I could text him from time to time with my ideas for our country. Now, that won't happen. (Yeah, right!)

By the way, TGIF... I'm ready for a weekend, are you?