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Virus Attack!

by Maggie O'Mara

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Posted on March 10, 2009 at 6:48 AM

Updated Thursday, Oct 22 at 11:11 AM

Yesterday, when I was blogging... my computer was attacked by some sort of VIRUS.


Suddenly, my computer was out of commission all day long. I ended up getting a lot done around the office, but I have no idea what we all did BEFORE computers, email, twitter etc! I felt totally lost without access. Thanks to our engineer (Thanks Dave Allen!) - I'm back at it again. :) Phew!

Construction crews working on the Capitol's $122.5 MILLION DOLLAR rennovation and expansion have to make up a lot of time to meet the November completion deadline.


Turns out, crews are about 28 days behind schedule. A basement floor was cracked and had to be replaced last minute, and a shipment of the WRONG marble arrived from Italy. So... they will have to put in some overtime to have the building ready for our lawmakers to move back into by November. They might have to stay in the very cozy (a nice word for CRAMPED) old Ada County Courthouse for a bit longer!

Yesterday, we found out "Western Days" in Twin Falls will be canceled this year! Organizers have to cancel the event due to area layoffs and business closures. It's been a part of life in Twin for 30 years... so a lot of people are disappointed. Last year, Doug, Edgar, Larry and I had the chance to go and be in the parade... it was such a blast! (Notice the extremely LARGE foam cowboy hats, somehow I didn't get one)

Western Days.jpg
Doug, Edgar, Me, Larry at Western Days!

Organizers are hoping next year, the event can go on as planned! We hope so too.

One more fun fact for today... you can audition for MTV's The Real World today right here in Boise - if you dare!

The Real World.jpg

I can't imagine doing a reality TV show, it would drive me crazy to have people following my every move with a camera! But people seem to sign up in droves... don't they? Auditions are being held at The Reef downtown. Good Luck!