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"Today's Morning News" in Ireland??

by Maggie O'Mara

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Posted on March 16, 2009 at 7:59 AM

Updated Thursday, Oct 22 at 11:11 AM

OH.... I WISH!


It was so much fun watching Al Roker -

Al Roker.jpg
(He's so loveable, I just want to squeeeze him!)

... and of course Meredith in Ireland this morning. What a wonderful gig! I think most of the show took place in front of this historic home. Beautiful!

Ireland House.jpg

I was thinking of asking my boss if he'd fly our "Today's Morning News" crew there to go LIVE as well... (but then thought better of it due to the current economic climate) Someday, maybe? I'm Irish - (Dad's Irish, Mom's Italian) but I've never been to Ireland. That needs to be remedied one of these days. :)



So, the NCAA tournament is all set, and Boise is getting excited to welcome several teams! Here's how the pairings pencil out for Friday's first round games at Boise's Taco Bell Arena.

* 6-Marquette will take on 11-Utah State

* 3-Missouri matches up with on 14-Cornell

* 5-Florida State plays 12-Wisconsin

* 4-Xavier goes up against 13-Portland State

Winners will play second round games on Sunday. Tickets will be hard to come by! From what I hear, they go to Boise State Season ticket holders first, and then the rest of the public... but word is - all the tickets are GONE. Good Luck!

Did you hear?

Taylor Swift concert tickets sold out in less than an hour!

Taylor Swift.jpg
Taylor Swift

There are some unhappy people out there today... According to our sources at The Idaho Center, some people tried to get tickets online, but couldn't! We're told the demand was so high, the server couldn't keep up and some online orders didn't go through.

PS.Tomorrow's St. Patty's Day!


By all means, don't forget to wear GREEN! One year, I forgot... and I never heard the end of it from our Irish viewers. :) I will NEVER make that mistake again - I have my GREEN all ready to go!