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by Maggie O'Mara

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Posted on March 30, 2009 at 6:57 AM

Updated Thursday, Oct 22 at 11:11 AM


The 53mph wind storm early Sunday morning woke me right out of bed! I'm sure the same thing happened to you... I thought the second story of our house was going to blow off! (The good news is, it didn't)

Luckily, my neighborhood was fine the next morning... just a few branches down in the area. But - that wasn't the case for other people in our community!

Take a look at these photos:

Tree Uprooted.jpg
Trees uprooted!

tree on house.jpg
Tree on a house...

Tree on Truck!.jpg
Tree on a truck!

These are just a few of the shots, you have to check out the full slideshow on our homepage... what a mess! Tree and branch removal companies are in big demand today. The good news is no one was hurt...

Here's what's kind of spooky:

(Insert spooky music here...)

This same storm happened 28 years ago TO THE DAY. It was March 29th, 1981 - over 50mph winds toppled trees and damaged cars and homes. Amazing that it happened on the SAME day 28 years ago.

Overnight News never STOPS!

This morning - there was a lot going on when I came in to work. Someone hit a power pole in Nampa and took off - that caused a power outage, someone robbed a Best Western too. We sent Edgar Linares out to Nampa to cover an unusual police pursuit and chase! It's always crazy during our two hour morning show. Trying to get information in the middle of the night is never easy!

Police Scanner.jpg

Behind the Scenes, we listen to police scanners (like the one above) all night long! That's how we know what's going on... People might think nothing happens in the wee hours, but listening to the scanner at 3am is always entertaining... you wouldn't believe the things we hear!