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Accidental Shooting: Should Girl Face Charges?

by Maggie O'Mara

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Posted on May 13, 2009 at 6:19 AM

Updated Thursday, Oct 22 at 11:10 AM

Accidental Shooting Charges?

Homedale Apartment.jpg

It's a tragic story that many of us are talking about. A Homedale, Idaho boy is dead after an accidental shooting at a Marsing apartment. (See above picture)

Yesterday - our reporter Alyson Outen went to Owyhee County to get the latest information on what happened from Sheriff Daryl Crandall. He told her that the 14 year old girl who mishandled the gun is an "emotional wreck" and could face charges in the case:

Sheriff Daryl Crandall, Owyhee County

"She found a gun in a closet and she was looking at the gun trying to determine if it was loaded or not - and in the course of doing that, the gun went off." - Sheriff Daryl Crandall.

The bullet hit Marcos Jaramillo, age 12 - in the head. He died Monday night at St. Alphonsus. We've learned this girl has known Marcos her entire life. The families are good friends, and both are devastated and getting counseling. The Sheriff told Newschannel 7 - while this was accidental and he feels for all the people involved - the 8th grader is still responsible for her actions:

"We can't show there was intent. Was there negligence? Yes. Was there culpability? Yes there was. We'll be pressing forward with the prosecuting attorney to see what kind of charges will be brought against her." - Sheriff Daryl Crandall

Sheriff Crandall is a big proponent of gun locks. He says a lock like this one (see below) could have saved Marcos Jaramillo's life.

gun lock.jpg

By the way, this safety lock is FREE at the Owyhee Sheriff's Office, and at most other sheriff's offices in our area.

So, what do you think about this case?

Watch Alyson Outen's full report on our homepage... and tell us what you think:

*Should this young girl face charges?
*If not, who should be held responsible? The owner of the gun?
*What can be done to educate our kids about gun safety?
*How do you feel about the free gun locks? Would you use one?

We want to hear your opinions...