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Zachary Neagle case gets international attention

by Maggie O'Mara

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Posted on May 27, 2009 at 6:50 AM

Updated Thursday, Oct 22 at 11:10 AM

International News?

Last night, family and friends gathered in Wilder for 33-year-old Jason Neagle's funeral. Neagle was shot and killed in his Caldwell home on May 17th. His 14-year-old son Zachary - sits in jail - now charged with the crime.

Zachary Neagle, 14.jpg
Zachary Neagle, 14

So many of you have commented on this case on my BLOG, and we're learning more about it daily. It's getting international attention now. "The Today Show" is in town doing interviews with both sides. That segment was supposed to air this morning, but it was bumped due to breaking news. We're waiting to hear when it will air. The prosecutor tells us he's been getting emails from all over the world. He says the world is taking notice and chiming in about what they think is appropriate for Zachary.

After the funeral yesterday, our Kaycee Murray sat down for an interview with Cindy Neagle - Zachary's mom.

Cindy Neagle.jpg
Cindy Neagle, Zachary's Mom

"He's just very loving. He loves his family and would do anything for them. He's a mama's boy." - Cindy Neagle

Court documents reveal there MAY have been physical and sexual abuse in the home, and that may have been his motive for the killing. But - Cindy Neagle told us that she thought her ex-husband was a good father and never suspected any abuse.

"I never suspected it. We hadn't lived together for a long time. So I can't be positive on it. So it would have not been the top thing in my mind." - Cindy Neagle

She told us with Zachary behind bars and Jason gone - she feels like she's lost two people instead of one. But she says her love for her son Zach has not changed. She's talked to him on the phone and says he's staying strong, but she's upset that he's in jail, and wants him out.

"I'm angry he's in there at all, no matter what he's charged with." - Cindy Neagle

The Lawyers:

The lawyers in this case are also getting NATIONAL attention. They will both be featured on NBC news when the report finally airs:

Charles Crafts.JPG
Charles Crafts, Defense Attorney

"Well I can say this. The prosecution is looking at this like a murder case and I'm looking at this like a potential sex abuse case, as a potential physical abuse case." - Charles Crafts, Zachary's Attorney

John Bujak.jpg
John Bujak, Prosecuting Attorney

"He's innocent until proven guilty and these are simply allegations. The reason it's murder one is because murder contemplates a premeditated act. And so here we have someone who has allegedly shot his father while he was sleeping on the sofa, so you can't claim that this is self defense. There's no evidence at least at this point that he acted as a crime of passion." - John Bujak, Prosecuting Attorney

Watch the complete story on our homepage...

*What do you think about what Cindy Neagle had to say?
*Will national attention help or hurt this case?