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Larry Gebert Fans: It's "Mustache May"!

by Maggie O'Mara

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Posted on May 29, 2009 at 6:48 AM

Updated Thursday, Oct 22 at 11:10 AM

Mustache May?

Mustache May 2.JPG

Yesterday, Larry had quite an experience on the noon news. He found out it was Mustache May at Balihoo (a local company), and guess what? HE was the inspiration for it! T-shirts and ALL!

Mustache May 4.JPG

Here's an email that explains what this is all about:

"Mustache May" has been a tradition at BALIHOO since the founding of the company. Every May, the brave men in the office put their razors aside and grow a "lip sweater" in the name of bringing the office a little closer. However, this year, we informally adopted Larry as our inspiration/mascot for the event, and as a result we saw participation increase dramatically.

Really, when you think of a mustache in Idaho you can't help but have a mental picture of Larry pop up in your mind. We had about 15 mustaches on May 20th, though only 10 of those made it through the entire month. We're proud of our 'staches (much to the dismay of our significant others) and wear them with pride, often having to defend the mustache itself in business meetings, weddings and the ever-popular blind-date.

On a side note, our office softball team has won EVERY game we've played in the month of May, so we're considering extending our 'stache power until the winning streak ends.

Shane Vaughan
VP of Marketing

"News to Me" by Nick McMullin:

Flat Larry now has an ARMY of Flat Larrys... but Larry orders up a TORNADO in his forecast to take them out! Problem is, the tornado only spread them around the GLOBE! Now, they are everywhere... oh dear, oh my!

News to Me.JPG
(Click to enlarge)

Another incredible episode of "Clash of the Stache" by our talented camera man Nick McMullin... he just gets better every week! We love the "News to Me" part of our show... we look forward to it every Friday!

Have a great weekend! Stay cool out there!