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Click here to see OUR graduation pictures!

by Maggie O'Mara

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Posted on June 11, 2009 at 6:37 AM

Updated Thursday, Oct 22 at 11:10 AM

ALERT: Embarrassing Graduation Photos!

Let's just say, on "Today's Morning News" - our ages are all over the map! We represent a few decades of high school graduating classes, the 70's (Larry), the 80's (Doug) and the 90's. (ME!)

Maggie and Doug.jpg
Today's Morning News

This morning, we showed these somewhat embarrassing SENIOR CLASS pictures from our old yearbooks on the our morning show. So, on today's BLOG - I thought I'd share the pictures with you too - feel free to laugh WITH us, and AT us:

Doug Petcash - Class of 1986


DOUG PETCASH: "Well, what can I say? It was quite stylin' for '86. I love the flipped up collar and rolled up sleeves. I was definitely ready to hit the streets of Miami and catch the bad guys. Boy, I miss the 80's - not."

Maggie O'Mara - Class of 1991

Maggie 1991.JPG

MAGGIE O'MARA: "I look like a teenager full of ANGST and DRAMA. Why did I pick this depressing shot? What's up with my hand holding my chin? Who does that? I was geeky then, and I'm still geeky today."

Larry Gebert - Class of 1974

Larry 1974.JPG

This was BEFORE the "Gebert" had his famous mustache. We always like to joke about how he grew it out the year I was born. I am the same age as Larry's stache! How cool is that?

Russ Larsgaard - Camera Operator at KTVB - Class of 1981 (Capital High School)


Russ has been a camera operator/floor director at KTVB for 20 years, and is a Capital High School grad! Love his hair! Don't you? He was the only crew member brave enough to bring in a picture. :)

PS: Edgar Linares couldn't seem to dig his graduation picture up - Darn it! Otherwise, he'd be here right along with us!