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BLOG: Blount could be reinstated, what do you think?

by Maggie O'Mara

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Posted on October 2, 2009 at 6:08 AM

Updated Thursday, Oct 22 at 11:10 AM

Should LeGarrette Blount be reinstated?


It was the PUNCH felt around the country... and it happened right here at Bronco Stadium. Oregon's running back LeGarrette Blount punched BSU's Byron Hout at the end of the game on September 3th. Boise State won 19 to 8. There was some trash talking between the two players, and because of that punch - LeGarrette Blount was suspended from the team for the rest of the season. Hout was punished in house.

Now, we're learning - Blount could be reinstated to the team! Oregon Coach Chip Kelly said today if he meets certain goals - he will allow him to suit up for the Stanford game on November 7th. Kelly said he and Blount reached a written agreement on Friday, September 25th. He must meet strict academic and behavioral guidelines to come back. Kelly said that may or may NOT happen. It's up to Blount.


Yesterday, the Oregon Daily Emerald (the student newspaper on campus) published an apology letter from Blount, here it is:

Courtesy: Oregon Daily Emerald

Though the incident at Boise State happened before the start of classes, there probably are few members of our University community who are unaware of the images and media reports of my regrettable actions following the Oregon-Boise State football game. There is no justification for my behavior -- not the "heat of the moment," not the "agony of defeat," and definitely not anything said or done by an opponent.

Being a student-athlete at the University of Oregon should be about being a good student working to positively represent the University and its football program under coach Chip Kelly, and handling both victories and defeats with sportsmanship, class, and character. That night, I used poor judgment and lost self-control. My actions reflected poorly upon my teammates, our football program, and our University. And for this, I offer my sincerest apologies and heartfelt regrets.

On a personal note, I probably will never be able to erase the memories of the post-game events of that day. Given this, I do not expect to be given a second chance to be a positive and responsible member of the football program and of this community. Going forward, what I hope for is the opportunity to show that I am able to earn a second chance as a University student. And if I am so fortunate, I believe that I also will demonstrate that I am a better man and a better human being for having lived through this unfortunate experience.


LeGarrette Blount

What do you think?

Should he be allowed back on the team?