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BLOG: Your opinions on the Swine Flu vaccine at local schools

by Maggie O'Mara

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Posted on October 14, 2009 at 6:22 AM

Updated Thursday, Oct 22 at 11:10 AM

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Will you allow your child to get the Swine Flu vaccine?

It's being called the biggest vaccination effort in state history. The state of Idaho has a plan to administer the Swine Flu vaccine to kids at our schools. That is, IF parents consent to it.

This week, parental consent forms will be going home to parents in the Meridian and Boise school districts. On Monday (with parental consent) school nurses will start giving the first doses for FREE - using the nasal spray form of the vaccine.


This is what we know about other areas of the state - Adams, Owyhee, Payette and parts of Canyon County will have clinics to administer shots to children. Gem County and the Middleton School District plan to offer the vaccine at schools.

The statistics on Swine Flu are startling. Nationwide, 76 kids have died since April from the virus. Last week alone, there were 19 deaths linked to the H1N1 virus. Kids are at higher risk.

*If you have questions, contact your child's school.

Will your child get the Swine Flu vaccine?

Why or why not?

PS: I asked this question yesterday on my Facebook page, and here are some of the comments I received:

Keri Anderson
I think it's fine, so long as the parents have been educated as to what H1N1 is exactly. In all fairness, the "swine flu" is the same basic thing as the everyday, run of the mill, seasonal flu and can be prevented the exact same ways. The most horrific cases of H1N1 have been as a result as having something else along with it. There are more ... Read Moredeaths annually with the "seasonal flu" than with this strain of virus. I'm not saying it's nothing to worry about. I AM saying that folks need to take the same preventative measures as they would any other time during the season. Be smart: Keep hydrated, stay fit and wash your hands, etc. regularly.

Boise Picayune
Emphatically Yes!

Jeni Gillmor
Absolutely...everytime I hear a story about the school district telling kids/parents for the students to stay hom... I have to laugh, they say it however they make such an ISSUE about absents, you know Merdian School districts only allow 3 absents per semeter.. ?? My daughter had swine three weeks ago, and missed a whole week of school....She's in ... Read Moremiddle school and since the Dr' wrote a note to school stating she was not allowed to go back to school till the following week...but had she been in high school..... I can only imagine the grief.... It's hard for me to get my hs students who are also involved in football to a dr since he doesnt get home till 6:30 each day... so it's either miss school or have them admin the nasal spray... Yes I'm in full support!!

Mark Dale
very mixed feelings about it and havn't made up my mind yet.

Jill Kuraitis
Keri, having just emerged from 9 days of swine flu I have to disagree. I have no underlying conditions or illnesses, and I've never been so sick. Sapped my strength. Kids are dying from this thing - panic is not a good response but neither is pooh-poohing it.

Keri Anderson
Uhm... Ma'am... did you actually read my post? I do believe that I said take whatever means necessary to stay healthy and to be educated. I also posted the link to the CDC. That's not blowing off the issue.

Karen Moessinger-Dawson
Jill you must have felt like death..9 days is long. instant weight loss, ha ha.......seriously, i can't decide anymore. 2 weeks ago, i said no way but upon reading the paper about all the school absents and closures, i might have to reconsider... i wash my hands all the time. knock on's a difficult choice .

Melissa Palumbo
I understand the H1N1 virus is AIRBORNE, so while frequent handwasing is always a good idea, it's not going to prevent you from getting this flu. Everytime a contagious person sneezes, coughs, talks or breathes, they are putting that virus into the air you are breathing. I'm for getting the vaccine, not just to protect ourselves but to protect everyone we come into contact with.

Jennifer Hartley Rumsey
My family has been sick for 14 days straight there are 5 of us. It is a short time to me considering not knowing what the vaccinations will do to your body in the long run with autoimmune issues and other things that haven't been studied. Our bodies were built to withstand and fight on their own. We are a quick fix society and unfortunately the ... Read Morequick fix now may hurt is in the long run. Proper nutrition and immune boosting should help however studies that are done on this particular avenue tend not to get published in the scare tactics of some media outlets. Don't trust what is put in front of you please do your own research on the possible effects of this instant fix..

Myndee Cleveland Bigelow
My family and I will NOT be getting the H1N1 vaccine.. We did get our regular flu shot like we do every year.. It concerns me that they have hurried this H1N1 vaccine into production so fast im afraid of what is really in it and if it will actually even be affective or make things worse. There was very little research done on this vaccine before they released it. That makes me so very nervous. I feel that the regular flu shot is just fine for us.

Sam Sandmire
Already got it.

Judy Benson Davis

Renette Koenig-Davidson
Yes ~ children need to be vaccinated so that they do not spread it to the older members of the family

Toni Holady Munizich
NO WAY, NO HOW....nope.

What do you think?