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Check this out if you're a new college graduate

by Carolyn Holly

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Posted on May 21, 2010 at 4:57 AM

If you're a new college graduate, no doubt you're sweating it out trying to find a job. I want to pass on these tips that come from a reliable source, Life and Business Coach MaryAnna Young.

What can college graduates begin doing now to land the job they want in the next 90 days?
1. Begin building a strong network outside their college life. Talk to and meet hundreds of people.
2. Gain an understanding of where they might specifically benefit certain companies and target those companies.
3. Develop interpersonal or technology skills which they might lack. Simple things like spelling, how to dress, proper ways to use social media, blog or email.
4. Look for non traditional opportunities…family companies, starting a business, new industries, freelance or contract under you get hired.

What are the top five things will make you as a graduate stand out?
1. Good character, integrity and values- Show this on your resume by great recommendation and by the things you post on social media, as you interact with employers and by great recommendations.
2. Technology Skills and Ability to Integrate these skills into the company culture.
3. Communication (verbal and written) and listening skills.
4. Flexibility and Managing Multiple Priorities
5. Interpersonal abilities
a) Inspire co workers to participate in new activities and solutions
b) Be comfortable talking and writing to those you will be working around.
c) Understand your college degree doesn’t make you more likable, your personality does.
d) Be real, say what you know and admit what you don’t.

In Summary, stand out by:
Show good character in every interaction regardless if it’s personal or professional.
Look for jobs in your strength and passion but research in both traditional and non traditional avenues.
Make sure your research, resume, interview skills and ability to work at the level of others in your job field are 100% impeccable.

You can reach Maryanna Young at