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What to do with a used car battery?

by Carolyn Holly

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Posted on March 29, 2013 at 10:35 AM

You’re car battery dies, you take it out…now what do you do with it?

Take it to the Great Battery Roundup!

During the month of April, AAA Oregon/Idaho Approved Auto Repair/Total Repair Care (AAR/TRC) facilities will accept, at no cost, used automotive or marine lead-acid batteries and send them to plants where they can be recycled into new batteries.

There are about 150 drop-off sites.

Call 800-AAA-HELP to ask which one may be near you.

    "Used vehicle batteries are potential fire and safety hazards because of their lead and sulfuric acid content," said AAA Idaho Public Affairs Director Dave Carlson. "Some are illegally disposed of in dumpsters, or simply placed in family garages, yards or storage sheds where they could leak and contaminate the soil and groundwater."
      AAA gives us some basic safety tips for working around a battery.
•    Wear gloves and safety glasses when handling batteries
•    Keep the batteries upright and transport them in a sturdy box or plastic container
•    Make sure the batteries do not tip over in a moving vehicle
•    If the battery is cracked or leaking, place it in a leak-proof container
•    Do not smoke near the battery or expose it to an open flame.