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What a wake up call

What a wake up call

by Carolyn Holly

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Posted on January 17, 2011 at 1:31 PM

Updated Tuesday, Nov 12 at 6:03 PM

No sleep for the weary in Glenns Ferry.

Very early Monday morning, employees of the fire department were knocking on doors telling people to get out!

The evacuations were not something to take lightly -- water was already coming into homes.

The Canyon Creek was spilling over its banks.

Dozens of homes were in trouble.

KTVB reporter Natalie Podgorski spent time in Glenns Ferry and reported three homes had been evacuated but many of the houses on Alton and Elmore road had water up to their doorsteps early in the morning.  

What happens next?

Natalie says some residents she talked to are ready to start pumping water out of their homes but can't just yet. The areas near them are still flooded and there is no place for the water to go at this point.  

Look for Natalie's report on the News at Five.