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Boys, baseball and being a mom

Boys, baseball and being a mom

by Carolyn Holly

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Posted on May 8, 2010 at 1:20 AM

Updated Monday, Oct 21 at 9:14 PM

The boys! I don't often talk about my sons publicly, but today I will. Why, because they are the reason I'm a mother and come this Sunday on Mothers Day I will be thinking of them and just how far they've already come in their lives.

They're in college now. Colby graduates from Lewis Clark State College in a week and Kevin just finished his last final of his first year at Gonzaga.

My husband and I have had the rare privilege of being part of their lives even after they left home, probably because of a love we all share, baseball!  Both boys play for their respective schools.

Colby is a pitcher and Kevin is a catcher.

I haven't missed many of their games. From Little League to the collegiate level, I have made BEING THERE a priority. 

That means I've shivered in the stands or sweated in the sun to watch the boys throw good and bad pitches, swing at up or outside balls, but as I look at it all now, I realize that I've seen so much more.

By BEING THERE, I have witnessed two baby baseball players mature into men who love and respect the game. They've taken what they've learned in baseball: teamwork, leadership, responsibility, adversity and especially hard work and put that into use on and off the field. They're student-athletes, which is truly two full time commitments in college. Colby and Kevin have reinforced my belief that sports is a mimic of life and you get from it what you give!  

So, as I look back at my boys lives on this Mother's Day I also look forward to their futures. I will remain committed to BEING THERE !

Happy Mother's Day, Carolyn